Best Fortnite Hide and Seek Codes for Creative Mode (September 2023)

Best Fortnite Hide and Seek codes for Creative mode: In Fortnite’s Creative mode, gamers September create and play the game of their dreams on unique maps. Hide and Seek, commonly known as Prop Hunts, is one of the most popular genres in Fortnite Creative, so we’ve compiled all of the greatest codes to use. When Epic Games debuted Fortnite’s Creative mode in 2018, it provided players access to a massive sandbox mode where they could create a variety of original games including death runs, RPGs, and, of course, hide and seek.

The majority of these popular hides and seek maps are Prop Hunts, a fun (and often weird) genre in which players disguise themselves as various objects ranging from tractors to toilets to elude an assigned seeker.

Below are some of the best hide-and-seek map codes available right now, ranging from expansive mansion murder mysteries to a throwback arcade Prop Hunt that will bring back childhood memories.

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In Fortnite, the Best Hide and Seek Map Codes Are:

Best Fortnite Hide and Seek codes
Best Fortnite Hide and Seek codes

Below are more specifics about each Fortnite hide and seek map, including screenshots and information about their gameplay styles, so you can decide whether or not to play them. But they’re all guaranteed to be entertaining, so we recommend trying them all.

  • Carnival Hide and Seek: 8698-8038-7328

This Carnival Hide and Seek map is one of the nicest we’ve seen in Fortnite Creative. There’s everything you’d expect to find in an amusement park, from a rollercoaster to a house of mirrors and even a tunnel of love, with countless hiding spots – and yes, you can climb up the huge wheel.

  • 4909-3532-4209 Area 51 First Person Hide and Seek

If you’re looking for a different kind of hide and seek, this Area 51 map is for you. You’ll be playing in first-person mode, which isn’t something you’ll see very frequently in Fortnite. While playing in first-person makes it a little more difficult to hide because you can’t see your character, it all contributes to the overall challenge. To make things even more immersive, get your Alien skins.

  • Friday the 13th: 4250-7193-5946

When you mix a little terror into a game of hiding and seek, it becomes even more entertaining. This level differs from the others in that six campers must choose between hiding and surviving the night or defeating Jason to win. Hide and seek doesn’t get much scarier than this, set against the backdrop of Camp Crystal Lake from the legendary film Friday the 13th.

  • The Simpsons Prop Hunt: 8871-0352-3843

Isn’t The Simpsons everyone’s favorite animated family? While an official collaboration with Matt Groening’s work appears doubtful. The famous series has been introduced into the Fortnite realm with a Prop Hunt map that recreates the family’s iconic home. In the backyard, you’ll even locate Bart’s treehouse.

  • Prop Hunt Infinite: 7263-1478-7522

Looking for a little nostalgia to go along with your hide-and-seek games? Prop Hunt Infinite September be the map for you. It transports players to the golden age of neon arcades, complete with video games, gigantic bear rewards, and a fast-food restaurant. To keep things very retro, there’s also a new Laser Tag arena on the map.

  • Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt: 0139-3586-5803

Players are transported to an indoor water park in this imaginative Fortnite level. There are water slides, an ice-cream seller, and even shower stalls in the changing rooms. The attention to detail is excellent, and it’s a welcome contrast from the game’s battle royale landscapes.

  • Mansion Murder Mystery: 9850-2841-2309

This Mansion Murder Mystery is a superbly constructed site with large rooms to explore and even a theatre, which is a departure from the conventional hide and seek map. A murderer is on the loose, and the Detective must cooperate with the innocents to determine out who it is – all while avoiding being eliminated.

  • The Yacht Hide and Seek: 2504-2038-5775

On The Yacht, add a touch of luxury to your next game of hiding and seek. Players September now revisit the abandoned cargo ship in this Creative map, which previously appeared near Craggy Cliffs in Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale. Midas’ golden statue, the jacuzzi, and Meowscles’ private room are all still present and correct.

  • Honey, I Shrunk Fortnite: 4185-2533-4702

This is a true classic. I’ve shrunk, honey Fortnite has one of the most creative maps on our list, scaling up a typical suburban house to make players appear small while everything else appears massive. Explore the garden among the gigantic mushrooms and gnome statues, then look for the ideal hiding areas among the anthills and Venus flytraps.

  • SpongeBob Prop Hunt

This map is perfect for all of Fortnite’s SpongeBob fans. Apart from the spectacular underwater aesthetics, the entire map is essentially identical to the popular TV show Bikini Bottom. Furthermore, the in-game experience is fairly enjoyable and can provide a welcome break from the constant battle royale action.

How to Load a Creative Island in Fortnite?

It’s quite simple to use a Creative Island code in Fortnite if you don’t know-how. You can do this either from the main menu or while in Creative mode.

  1. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:
  2. Start Fortnite and switch to Creative mode.
  3. Approach a prominent island rift.
  4. To access the code menu, hold down the ‘Use’ button.
  5. Please enter the code for the island you wish to visit.
  6. To begin, enter the rift.

That concludes our list of Fortnite Creative mode codes for the finest hide and seek maps. There are plenty more out there, and we’ll keep this list updated when new maps are released, so come back soon to see what’s new.

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