Naraka Bladepoint Redeem Code Today September 2023 – Working code

Naraka Bladepoint Redeem Code: Action-adventure battle royale game Bladepoint was created by 24 Entertainment and released by NetEase Games Montreal. It is available for free to play. To see who can endure the longest, this game throws up to 60 people against one another. The game uses a rock-paper-scissors system with melee combat that is influenced by martial arts.

Naraka Bladepoint Redeem Code Today July 2023 - Working code
Naraka Bladepoint Redeem Code Today September 2023 – Working code

A grappling hook is one of melee and ranged that may both combat and movement. Each hero also has special powers and talents that may be changed to fit your play style. The game was originally made available for Microsoft Windows in September 2021, then on June 23, 2022, it was ported to Xbox Series X/S.

Naraka Bladepoint Redeem Code

Players may exploit Naraka Bladepoint’s several interesting features to obtain a range of rewards and helpful equipment. One such function is the use of invite codes in Naraka Bladepoint. When you use the invite codes, you may expect to receive a lot of in-game money and useful torchbearer items.

Naraka Bladepoint Redeem Code

  • ch6ntxcmk8
  • cheyqyeaqe
  • chma3mdpx4
  • ch36pa4jdr
  • chh4ea7xem
  • chm4h7dmkr
  • chx4ej3mfn
  • chnxjmdpnf
  • ch7mef3tnx
  • chk4y8qaq3
  • chphnrxry8
  • chdwcq7fn8
  • chm3dq7hja
  • ch67mtrcet
  • ch6ntxcmk8
  • cherefyjnj

How to Redeem Naraka Bladepoint Code

One of the drawbacks of the Torchbearer invite system will be encountered if you attempt to use a code in Naraka: Bladepoint and get an error message indicating that the code is incorrect or that you are using it on the wrong server. You may only use one player’s invite code from the same platform and area as you. Xbox players require another Xbox player’s code to redeem it, PS5 users require another PS5 user’s code, and so on.

The Xbox Series X|S edition of the game has been afflicted by this problem since it was released last year, although the developers hope to fix it in the future. You only have one opportunity to submit an invite code, so if yours is invalid, you must swiftly find another. Fortunately, a lot of users on the subreddit share their Torchbearer codes, making it possible for you to get one there.

You need to finish the instruction in order to use an invite code in Naraka. You will prompted to create an account. On page, you may type in account name and choose the invite code option. When you submit an code, your account is linked to the person who provided it, and when you level up, you’ll both get rewards.

Naraka Bladepoint Torchbearer Rewards

  • immediately: 500 Tae
  • 10 level: 150 Spectral Silk.
  • 20 Level: 1000 Tae
  • 30 level:  Spectral Silk is 300.
  • 40 level: Immortal Treasure Chest

Simply input the aforementioned code after selecting your username and hitting the “enter invite code button” during your initial game login. As part of the Torchbearer initiative, you will earn free items as a reward for progressing up in the game!

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