How to Fix Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working

In the vast universe of ” Destiny 2″ Guardians from all corners of the galaxy unite to battle the darkness, complete quests, and claim bounties. However, the path to becoming a legend isn’t always smooth, and players have recently encountered a frustrating hurdle: the “Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working” issue. If you’re among those facing this problem, fear not; this article delves into the root causes and offers potential solutions to help you get back to the action.

How to Fix Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working
How to Fix Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working

Before we dive into the intricacies of the issue, let’s clarify what the High Energy Bounty entails in “Destiny 2.” High Energy Bounties are specialized challenges that grant Guardians valuable rewards, such as experience points and gear, essential for character progression. Numerous players have reported a perplexing problem: their High Energy Bounty does not seem to progress, regardless of their in-game activities. 

Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working

For Guardians who rely on these bounties to advance, this can be an immensely frustrating obstacle. At this point, it remains somewhat of a mystery why the “Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working” problem has emerged. Bungie, the game’s developer, has acknowledged the issue and is actively working on a solution. While specific details on the root cause remain scarce, the Destiny 2 community can expect forthcoming patch notes and updates aimed at addressing the problem.

If you’re unwilling to wait for a patch or update to resolve the issue, there are several potential solutions worth trying. Some players have found success in progressing their High Energy Bounty by using energy-based weapons, such as fusion rifles, shotguns, or sidearms. These weapons may hold the key to overcoming the stagnation. Matching the element of your weapon with your subclass might boost bounty progression. 

If your Guardian has a solar subclass, consider using a solar energy weapon to see if it accelerates your bounty advancement. Attempting to complete the High Energy Bounty in a different game mode or activity might resolve the issue. Destiny 2’s complex task interactions can occasionally hinder bounty progress, and a shift in activity might provide a workaround. Keep an eye out for official patch notes and updates, and trust that a solution is on the horizon.

How to Fix Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working

How to Fix High Energy Bounty Not Working Destiny 2

Some players have reported that logging out of their account and logging back in has helped kickstart their bounty progression. This action refreshes your character’s data and may resolve temporary issues. If none of the above solutions yield results, it may be necessary to exercise patience. Bungie is aware of the “Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working” problem and is actively working to rectify it. 

While encountering the “Destiny 2 High Energy Bounty Not Working” issue can be exasperating, remember that you are not alone. The Destiny 2 community stands united in the face of such challenges. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined above and keeping an eye on official updates, you can continue your journey as a Guardian, battling the forces of darkness and striving for legendary status in the expansive world of “Destiny 2.”

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