How to complete NMS Autophage Quest Latest 2023

In celebration of the seventh anniversary of the beloved game No Man’s Sky, Hello Games has gifted players the Echoes update, an expansion that promises to take space exploration to new heights. Echoes brings forth an intriguing narrative featuring a clandestine society of robotic aliens known as Autophages, and it’s no surprise that players worldwide are itching to embark on this enigmatic journey. However, navigating this uncharted territory has left many space explorers perplexed, as the initiation process for the NMS Autophage Quest quest, aptly named 

NMS Autophage Quest
NMS Autophage Quest

“They Who Returned,” remains shrouded in mystery. In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of unlocking this captivating quest and shed light on the four key conditions you need to meet.To commence your journey with the NMS Autophage Quest in the Echoes update. You must first ensure that you’ve completed “The Purge,”. Which marks the culmination of the Artemis Path. The main campaign of No Man’s Sky. This questline provides the foundational lore and background necessary to fully appreciate the unfolding Autophage storyline.

What is NMS Autophage Quest

Next, securing a planetary settlement is essential. This milestone unlocks the quest “A Trace of Metal,”. Where you’ll be tasked with creating a Sentinel Companion and enhancing your Minotaur mech. These actions not only augment your capabilities but also pave the way for interactions with the enigmatic Autophages.

Now, here’s where the mystery deepens. The NMS Autophage Quest doesn’t follow a linear path or offer explicit guidance on how to initiate it. Instead, it relies on serendipity. Players must warp to a desolate system and wait for the stars to align in their favor. At random intervals, you’ll receive a cryptic message from a damaged Auto NMS Autophage Quest phage, communicating with you via a “hijack source.” This message serves as the catalyst for your journey into the heart of the Echoes narrative.

Once you’ve received the mysterious transmission, your task is to locate the Autophage’s camp. This pivotal step concludes the initiation process for “They Who Returned” and sets you on the path to uncovering the secrets of the NMS Autophage Quest.   

How to Complete The NMS Autophage Quest

For those who find themselves on the same planet as the NMS Autophage Quest but are struggling to pinpoint their exact location, there’s a lifeline in the form of the Echo Locator. This invaluable device can be obtained by defeating a Dissonance Resonator. When you’re on the same planet as the Autophage. The Echo Locator will guide you unerringly to the hijack source. Ensuring that you’re never gonna truly lost in the vastness of the Echoes update.

It’s crucial to understand that the initiation of the No Man’s Sky Autophage quest. In the Echoes update is deliberately designed as a random event triggering by entering a desolate system. Consequently, players will be preparing to meet the four conditions outlined above to embark on this captivating journey, as the game provides no prior direction regarding how to begin this mysterious quest.

In conclusion, the Echoes update for No Man’s Sky has brought forth a narrative rich with intrigue. Unlocking the Autophage quest, “They Who Returned,” is a thrilling and enigmatic experience. By following these steps and embracing the element of unpredictability, you’ll be well on your way to unraveling the secrets of the Autophages and making your mark in the ever-expanding universe of No Man’s Sky. Happy exploring, fellow travelers!

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