How to Hit Stick in Madden 24

How to Hit Stick in Madden 24: Few activities in the constantly changing world of sports simulation video games can match the joy of delivering a perfectly timed hit stick in Madden NFL 24.

With the ability to demoralise opponents and strike terror into their virtual hearts, this potent defensive play may completely change the course of a game. Timing, accuracy, and a working knowledge of the rules of the game are all necessary to master the hit stick. In this essay, we’ll dissect the hit stick’s art and give you pointers on how to excel on defence in Madden 24.

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How to Hit Stick in Madden 24
How to Hit Stick in Madden 24

Players can initiate a strong and frequently bone-crushing tackle on an opposition player carrying the ball with the hit stick, a gameplay component. It’s a play with a high reward/high risk ratio that may cause fumbles, muck up throws, and even result in turnovers. On the other hand, poorly timed hit stick efforts can lead to missed tackles and significant gains for your adversary. Depending on your game platform, you normally utilise a certain button or stick movement to perform the hit stick.

How to Hit Stick in Madden 24:

Understanding the time involved is the first step in mastering the hit stick. The chance of a successful tackle improves and the force of the tackle is maximised when the hit stick is timed properly. Keep an eye on the player’s motions and movements. Wait for the ideal opportunity to attack, such when your adversary is cutting or juking, since these moves can knock them off balance and make them more susceptible to a hit stick.

Not every play offers the best chance for a hit stick. Utilise it strategically to catch your adversary off guard and force turnovers while they’re not looking. When there are several defenders around who can swarm the ball carrier and increase your chances of a successful tackle or forced fumble, use the hit stick. However, stay away from using the hit stick in open-field scenarios when missing might result in a significant advantage for your adversary.

Master the Angle:

It’s essential to place your defender at the proper angle in order to execute a hit stick effectively. Instead of going head-on, try to sideline the ball carrier. You stand a better chance of removing the ball and completing a successful tackle if you strike the ball carrier from the side. Furthermore, striking from the side reduces the chance that your defender may bounce off the ball carrier, which can happen if you strike them directly.

Practise using the hit stick in various situations to properly master it. Examine various angles, speeds, and motions of the ball carrier to determine what is ideal for making a good hit. To hone your talents away from the pressure of a live game, participate in individual exercises or practise sessions.

Although the hit stick has the potential to transform the game, prudence should always be use. Hit stick efforts that are timed incorrectly may incur penalties like roughing the passer or needless roughness. Make sure to utilise the hit stick within the parameters of fair play because these penalties might offer your opponent considerable advantages.


In the defensive arsenal of a Madden NFL 24 player, the hit stick is a potent tool. When timed and executed perfectly, it may stop plays, result in turnovers, and give your team’s performance a boost. Always keep in mind that practise makes perfect, and that perfecting the art of the hit stick takes patience, commitment, and knowledge of the rules of the game. You may become a defensive force to be reckone with in Madden 24 by perfecting your abilities, seeing the appropriate opportunities, and maintaining smart placement, leaving your opponents in wonder and respect of your hit stick proficiency.

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