October 2023 Collector Skin Choices Vexana MLBB

October 2023 Collector Skin Choices Vexana MLBB: The month of October 2023 in the ever-evolving universe of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) brings out a stunning collection of collector skins that highlight the seductive darkness of Vexana, the Necromancer Queen.

Vexana, known for her enigmatic and menacing character, now has new skins that not only improve her in-game powers but also give gamers the ability to embrace her alluring gloom. We dig into the fascinating realm of Vexana’s collector skins for October 2023 in this post.

The focus is on NecroCouture Vexana, the star of this month’s collector skin collection. The grace and darkness of this skin blur together, wrapping Vexana in a shroud of necromantic allure. Her once-pale skin is now covered with complex, ethereal tattoos that appear to flow along with her movements and give the appearance of ancient spells inscribed on her skin.

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October 2023 Collector Skin Choices Vexana MLBB
October 2023 Collector Skin Choices Vexana MLBB

October 2023 Collector Skin Choices Vexana MLBB:

The NecroCouture Vexana suit combines regal grandeur with ominous aesthetics. The contrast between the dark shades of black and violet and the glistening blues and greens is striking but hypnotic. She appears to be a monarch from a place beyond the living because of the flowing robes and ornate headdress. Nocturne Mistress Vexana enters the battlefield with an air of mystery and adds a touch of alluring seduction to her repertoire.

Even the fiercest of heroes will fall under her spell because to the way her skin is painted in colours of darkness. Her once-dark staff now resembles a captivating sceptre with an ominous crescent moon on top. The outfit worn by Nocturne Mistress Vexana conveys strength and passion. Her silhouette is enhanced by the form-fitting dress, which also draws attention to its delicate lacework and translucent materials. Vexana can rule not just the battlefield but also her opponents’ emotions thanks to the moonlight highlights and dark purple colour scheme.

Twilight Enchantress Vexana:

Last but not least, the MLBB planet is enchanted by the Twilight Enchantress Vexana. Instead of adopting her customarily darker features, her skin embraces the delicate beauty of dusk. As if she were the essence of the brief intervals between day and night, Vexana takes on a calm appearance.

The gentle hues of a twilight sky are evok by the flowing pastel textiles that Twilight Enchantress Vexana is dress in. She appears to be strolling on a carpet of blossoming flowers because to her robe’s elaborate decorations, which are reminiscent of delicate petals. The skin shows a another, equally captivating and alluring aspect of Vexana.


The MLBB community is anticipating the debut of these alluring collector skins for Vexana as October 2023 draws near. Each skin gives a different viewpoint on Vexana’s personality, whether players are drawn to the dark elegance of NecroCouture, the seductive appeal of Nocturne Mistress, or the mesmerising grace of Twilight Enchantress.

These skins’ intricate patterns and careful attention to detail not only improve the game’s aesthetic appeal but also provide players a chance to fully immerse themselves in the enigmatic realm of Vexana. Prepare yourself for a month of mystical combat by embracing the seductive darkness of Vexana’s October 2023 MLBB collector skins.

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