Starfield Vs Star Citizen Direct Comparison What’s the Difference?

Starfield Vs Star Citizen Direct Comparison: Bethesda’s next Starfield promises to be a fascinating addition to the developer’s catalogue of games, and sci-fi enthusiasts are eager to see what new features it may bring to the table.

Bethesda has strived to dazzle players with Starfield’s aesthetics, functionality, and unique qualities since the first glances of the game in action. However, other gamers have seen parallels between the game and other yet-to-be-released titles, such as Star Citizen, and question whether the two titles have more in common than meets the eye.

Even in an industry as diverse as video games, there are many titles that have noteworthy characteristics and even those that intentionally imitate famous releases. This can benefit fans since they will have a variety of games that they will know they will enjoy if they all follow similar patterns.

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Starfield Vs Star Citizen Direct Comparison
Starfield Vs Star Citizen Direct Comparison

Some video games, on the other hand, strive to push the boundaries, bringing new methods of doing things and building their own unique combination of elements to wow players and stand out from the crowd. Bethesda looks to be going all out for their ambitious sci-fi action RPG, and it may not be as similar to Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen as it appears.

Starfield vs Star Citizen what changes?

There is no doubt that both Starfield and Star Citizen aim to represent a sci-fi universe that seeks realism, with the goal of reinforcing a sense of identification on the part of the player through graphics that are rougher, less colourful, and less cartoonish in comparison to competitors such as No Man’s Sky. The similarities between the two games nearly end here.

When analysing the gameplay, the first significant contrasts between the two appear, first and foremost because they belong to two entirely distinct genres: Starfield, on the other hand, is an RPG that offers an open-world experience in single-player with a heavy storyline focus (find out how many hours it takes to finish Starfield’s story), whereas Star Citizen is a sandbox MMO.

Cloud Imperium’s work Star Citizen (which has received more funds than GTA 5, Cyberpunk 2077, and RDR2 combined?) was planned to be a PvP-focused project, which is one of the key distinctions between it and Bethesda’s story-driven offering. That’s why Star Citizen has four planets with well researched features, but Starfield has over a thousand worlds yet is smaller in size.

Of course, the variations between the two games do not preclude the same player from enjoying both. On the contrary, games are likely to have a big number of common fans, which might reward them for their exceptional capacity to freely wander from planet to planet in space.

Star Citizen And Starfield’s Aesthetic:

Both Starfield and Star Citizen have yet to be formally released, but Bethesda has been revealing new details about its impending unique IP for the past year or two. Cloud Imperium Games has also let players to get their hands on its multiplayer title during its Early Access phase, so while the game hasn’t officially launched yet, fans can get a sense of what’s in store in the space warfare simulation game.

Starfield is still a bit of an unknown entity at this moment, although analogies can be establish between the two titles on the surface. It’s evident that Starfield and Star Citizen are both aiming for a level of realism that few space-faring games achieve. Bethesda defines Starfield’s aesthetic as “NASA Punk,” a style that transforms science fiction and spaceships into something more practical and accessible.

This might help Starfield differentiate itself from competitors focused on exploration, such as No Man’s Sky, which went for a more colourful and cartoonish aesthetic. Similarly, the aesthetics in Star Citizen were design to be rugg and realistic, which the game has accomplish well.

Starfield’s Gameplay Compared To Star Citizen:

While Starfield and Star Citizen may appear to be comparable on the surface, the similarities typically end there. To begin with, the games are radically different genres, with Star Citizen employing a sandbox MMO framework with a focus on multiplayer and Starfield bringing Fallout and Skyrim to space with its role-playing concept.

Many think that Star Citizen is one of the most ambitious spacefaring titles to date, thanks to its dizzying number of various ships from which players may pick and customise, as well as its sophisticated environment with an astonishing assortment of activities for gamers to enjoy. Starfield is likewise an ambitious game, with Bethesda promising a tough and distinctive open-world experience, but its civilization does not appear to be as detailed, nor its gameplay as varied, so far.

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