How to Fix Blue Protocol Ban Wave Issue – Easy Guide

Blue Protocol Ban Wave: Blue Protocol is a free online multiplayer action role-playing game in which you participate as the hero of your own epic quest.

Explore the beautiful and dangerous planet of Regnas in an immersive multiplayer experience with rich character customization and action-packed combat. The Blue Protocol will not be available until 2024. We will do our PC Closed Beta test later this year. Some have claimed that playing Blue Protocol outside of Japan, with or without a VPN, violates the game’s Terms of Service.

However, it is critical to overcome the difficulties with playing Blue Protocol outside of Japan, specifically through the usage of Virtual Private Networks . Some gamers have voiced concerns regarding the game’s Terms of Service, which plainly say that Blue Protocol should only be available to Japanese residents. Attempts to circumvent this restriction by establishing numerous accounts and utilising VPNs may result in repercussions. This essay will go through the Blue Protocol Ban WAVE Issue.

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blue protocol ban wave
blue protocol ban wave

Blue Protocol Ban Wav Issue:

It’s important to note that Blue Protocol and Genshin Impact are two separate games, each with its own set of features and income mechanisms. While Genshin Impact’s income is mainly reliant on its gacha system, Blue Protocol has a more typical MMORPG strategy, including premium currencies and in-game stores.

Blue Protocol for PC will be released in Japan on June 14th, with pre-registration now available. However, people outside of Japan who want to play the game have been looking for ways to connect to the Japanese server. Many people have theorised that utilising a VPN may enable them get around the region restriction.

To clarify, several sources have confirmed that the Japanese release date for Blue Protocol is definitely June 14, 2023. There are two types of blocking problems in Blue Protocol. The first is IP filtering, and the second is hardware device filtering. These two blocking occurrences are straightforward to explain based on facial meaning. If your IP address is blacklisted, you will be unable to play Blue Protocol on any device.

If the hardware device prohibits you from playing, you may be able to play it again by switching to a new device. Both of the above described blocking issues are vexing and will have a big influence on gamers’ enthusiasm to play Blue Protocol. Because of the Blue Protocol area lock background on PC, the developer will take specific actions against anybody who seek to unlock the restriction.

Blue Protocol IP Ban:

It is vital to know that before connecting to the Japanese server in Blue Protocol, a Blue Protocol IP Ban is applied and your true IP address is changed. The official system, however, may identify this IP shift or modifications in the hardware device, resulting in a Blue Protocol IP Ban.

This is a widespread practise in MMORPG games such as Lost Ark and ArcheAge War. Finally, it’s understandable to want to play Blue Protocol on the Japanese server. It is critical to follow the game’s Terms of Service and the assigned region lock. Attempting to circumvent the restriction by using a VPN involves dangers, since players have reported getting banned from the game as a result.

It’s preferable to wait for Blue Protocol’s formal release in the West and experience the game as intended. The creators are always trying to give an amazing gaming experience in the specified regions, and it is critical to support their efforts while waiting for the worldwide release.

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