How to Play Blue Protocol in US

How to Play Blue Protocol in US: The brand-new free-to-play MMO, Blue Protocol, is already accepting registrations from players. The most recent anime-inspired game to catch players’ attention is Blue Protocol, particularly those who adore Genshin Impact.

How to Play Blue Protocol in US
How to Play Blue Protocol in US

Blue Protocol’s distinctive cast of characters, intense combat, and stunning open-world environments will leave an impact when it debuts in the second half of 2023. Many gamers will be eager in finding out how to join the Blue Protocol despite the paucity of information.

After all, all players find it exciting to have the chance to play the game ahead of schedule. You can register for the Blue Protocol and indicate your interest in the following ways.

How to Play Blue Protocol in US

The projected MMORPG Blue Protocol was created by Bandai Namco and released by Amazon Games. It follows the practise of Amazon Games of releasing well-known MMOs in the West, following the success of Lost Ark and New World.

A “seamless” open world with no requirement to team up for specific cases; substantial character and avatar customisation; and rich, mechanically-dense combat are the three characteristics that Mike Zadorojny mentioned in our interview as setting Blue Protocol apart from its rivals.

Players must first join up for the game in order to participate in the Blue Protocol. You may achieve this by adhering to the straightforward directions provided.

Go to the Blue Protocol website’s official page. You should choose “Sign up”. Use your email address to log into your Amazon account. In case you missed it, check your registered email. An email verifying your registration will be sent to you after the aforementioned processes have been finished. Regularly check your email for updates on your application. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to access the Blue Protocol; it might just be a matter of luck.

In-game purchases are possible in the free-to-play game Blue Protocol. We think the cosmetics will be purely aesthetic rather than pay-to-win or gacha because the class structure differs from a game like Genshin Impact (which lacks particular characters and instead invites the user to create their own avatar). This comes after Amazon Games’ initiatives to “Westernise” the in-game purchases in Lost Ark and do rid of pay-to-win strategies in New World.

  • The game has a free-to-play business model.
  • A season pass is available.
  • A high-end retailer has what they call the Regnas Store.
  • The premium money for the game is called Rose Orbs, and it can be used to buy anything from the premium shop.

About For Blue Protocol in US

The action-based combat system offers straightforward controls that may be customised to fit your desired play style, regardless of your level of expertise.

Every student will inevitably pick up new skills as a class’s level rises. As the level of your class rises, your skill levels will as well. You may build a personalised hero that fits your play style by assigning various combinations of up to four of these skills, as well as other modifiers and powers.

You can call Echoes, the ethereal remains of strong magical creatures, to defeat your most dangerous enemies. Echoes can be acquired through missions or made using elements discovered in nature.

Similar to Lost Ark, the game will have Founder’s Packs that, according to Amazon Games, will provide players access to the Closed Beta as well as exclusive aesthetic bonuses and enhancements.

Fast-moving melee class Twin Striker uses two hatchets in tandem. This class’s gameplay traits point to a “Berserker” system with a gauge that increases in response to your blows. For this class, there are some early gameplay footage available.

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