New World Update 1.9.5 Patch Notes

New World Update 1.9.5 Patch Notes: The “Fellowship and Fire” update for New World version 1.9.5 introduces a change to the update cycle as well as a tonne of brand-new features and content. You can learn everything you need to know about the new features and content in this article.

Here are the most significant and interesting characteristics, content, and changes summarised, saving you time from having to read the entire patch notes. There will be instructions specifically for some of the content listed below.

New World Update 1.9.4 Patch Notes
New World Update 1.9.5 Patch Notes

New World Update 1.9.5 New Battle Pass

A Season Pass and Season Storyline is included in the seasonal model that New World is switching to, along with other features. A battle pass is what New World refers to as the Season Pass. There are 100 levels of stuff included in each Season Pass, which is valid for the whole Active Season and cosmetics.

It has both Normal and Premier Tracks, which each give a variety of incentives, similar to other battle pass systems. XP boosters, gear chests, money, and of course cosmetics are some of the incentives available.

Visit our New World Season Pass Guide to find out more information about the Season Pass. This goes into great detail on the system and how to make the most of it. For a complete breakdown of everything available in the Season Pass that you may earn and claim, see our Season 1 Full Rewards breakdown and Overview.

New World Update 1.9.5 New Season

Only Season 1: Brotherhood & Fire will feature this brand-new storyline and collection of tasks. You will be supporting the Silver Birds and Syke the Spear-daughter in this tale as they go up against a formidable Warlock and the Varangian Knights in an effort to thwart their intentions to use the Empyrean Forge.

A new Level 60+ Expedition called The Empyrean Forge can be found in the Great Cleave. The Varangian Knights are the main faction in this expedition. This Expedition will be different from previous voyages in that it will be full of brand-new riddles and perils. This Expedition brings its own collection of mutators with it. For those capable of taking on the challenge, this can present a considerably harder obstacle.

New World Update 1.9.5 Rabbit Update

The missions that travel via Brightwood and Weaver’s Fen have been revised, much like the initial experience that was modified in version 1.7. The middle of the story is made up of these tasks, which range from level 25 to about level 40. This includes a redesigned questline that is more concise and straightforward to complete.

Four areas of Aeternum—Monarchs Bluff, Everfall, Brightwood, and Weaver’s Fen—have seen the emergence of Springtide Villages. Identical to the Winter Convergence event, these settlements double as both event shops and currency exchanges.

New World Update 1.9.5 Characters Update

You must look for Wispyblooms, which may be found everywhere across Aeternum. These springtime blossoms are protected by Wispy Wasps, which can only be killed with the special consumable Wispy Spritz. Both the flower and the wasp leave behind items that can be traded for a variety of benefits.

New World Update 1.9.5 All Patch Notes

Aeternum is home to corrupted rabbits once more. Only by fighting these corrupted creatures may one get rare drops and awards.

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