Idol Showdown Update 1.3.0 Patch Notes

Idol Showdown Update 1.3.0: Idol Showdown, powered by rewind netcode, is the quintessential fan-made hololive fighting game experience.

Use the game’s simple controls to engage in spectacular duels as your favourite hololive star and show once and for all who the strongest idol is.

Idol Showdown is a free, unauthorised fan-made fighting game created by Besto Games that features various characters from the Hololive corporation. RELATED: Upcoming Fighting Games in 2023. It’s a fun, flashy, and fast-paced 2D fighter that even non-Hololive fans can pick up and play.

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Idol Showdown Update 1.1.1
Idol Showdown Update 1.3.0

Update 1.3.0 and 1.3.0 for Idol Showdown are now available for PC (Steam). The current version brings new features, updates, and gameplay enhancements, according to the official Idol Showdown patch notes.

A large Idol Showdown patch recently provided quality-of-life improvements. Unfortunately, Gamers are having a variety of problems with the Game. A couple of these issues will be address in today’s Idol Showdown Version 1.3.0.

Idol Showdown Patch Notes:

Lobbies- Added the option to tag a Lobby. None, newbie, casual, veteran, god are all possible tags. Lobbies- The option to filter lobbies based on tags has been added. Online – GGPO Frame Delay option added Input Rebinding- Added support for input Rebindings on a second controller.

Input Rebinding- Added the ability to remove/delete a binding (helpful for removing macro-enabled bindings). Frame Advantage Display- This feature is presently under development and is known to be erroneous for ground/wallbounces (such as Aki’s Standing Heavy).


When a tech is available, it is now possible to perform it by holding any attack button. You may still control an air tech’s direction by holding the relevant direction while teching. After an Air Tech, you are now invulnerable until you touch the ground OR conduct any airborne activity.

When IPS invulnerability is activated in midair, you become invulnerable until you either tech or hit the earth. In contrast, the former IPS System’s invulnerability would expire as soon as the tech window began.

Bugfix for Superchat cancel and Combo into specialities instructions not passing the player when the criteria was satisfied. Fixed an issue where frame data might be incorrect at the start of a match. Updated general online stability
Text corrections and general localization.

The Basics Are Key To Victory:

It may be tempting to move right into one of the other game types, but even seasoned fighters will benefit from going through the tutorial. Idol Showdown is played using keyboard controls, although it also include native controller compatibility and can be linked to and played with a controller.

However, for individuals who use a keyboard, a basic set of keys will cover the majority of their movements. WASD keys are utilised for movement in the game’s default controls, with W being up, S being down, A being left, and D being right. Dash forward with D and back with A, then do a standing block. Crouching and pushing are performed by pressing S.

Medium assaults are in the centre, with moderate range and attack. And heavy attacks are the most powerful yet slow, but they will shock the opponent for a longer period of time if they connect. More combinations may be created by combining the attack and directional buttons. Combining any attack with crouch, for example, will “punish” an opponent in a standing block because it will still strike and harm them. The majority of a character’s combinations are formed by combining these buttons in various ways.

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