How to Play Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC- Complete Guide

How to Play Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC: The wildly successful Ragnarok Online leaves a legacy behind in the form of the intriguing new MMORPG Ragnarok Origin (ROO). It has created a great deal of expectation among Southeast Asia (SEA) enthusiasts who have been anxiously expecting its debut since it was recently published in the Oceania area and other nations. Several people want to play the game for their Computers now that it is officially accessible.

How to Play Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC
How to Play Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC

On April 6, 2023, Ragnarok Origin Global, the official heritage of RO, became live on computers and mobile devices. The moment has come for gamers from all around the world to unite and take part in this grand adventure in Midgard. Play this great game right away on your Desktop.

How to Play Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC

Despite the fact that Ragnarok Origin is mostly played on mobile devices, its creators spent a lot of time and energy developing a PC version specifically for the needs of RO gamers. A continuous 24/7 grinding experience with a keyboard and mouse is one of the many benefits of this edition. The dedicated PC edition also provides a smoother gameplay experience than using an emulator without stressing your system’s CPU and Memory.

The games acquired additional mechanisms and systems to improve their current gameplay aspects as they developed and spread to other platforms. As a result, when playing Ragnarok Origin, players can expect to find many of the features that made the PC version of the game so popular.

Such as the job development and integration. The stat system, among other components, as well as some more contemporary conveniences like auto-combat and car. Which are now essentially standard in mobile gaming. With additional ease and other features to lessen the grind. This combo enables players to enjoy a genuine original Ragnarok experience.

Ho to Download Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC

Visit their official website at to download Ragnarok Origin (ROO) on the PC. Via the sites below, you can also download it instantly:

Ragnarok Origin 0406.exe (171.21MB) for Windows – PC may found at
You can also read our separate article on operating numerous Ragnarok Origin instances on a single computer.

How to Play Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC
How to Play Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC

How do You Install Ragnarok Oigin Global on PC

  • The installer will be available after downloading as a self-extracting RAR package. The installation directory for the game must chosen.
  • Open the installation directory after the file has unpack and navigate to GameLauncher > GameLauncher.exe. Make sure the GameLauncher.exe file is running.
  • The remaining installation file for the game, which is 5.65GB in size, will then need to be downloaded.
  • You are then set to go and prepar for your Midgard journey! Once the game has started, there may be more updates; just download them.

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