Hunt Showdown Update Dev Stream 1.13 Patch Notes

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Hunt Showdown Update 1.13 Patch Notes

The patch notes for Hunt Showdown 1.13 are now available for Xbox One users. According to the official patch notes, the most recent version, Hunt Showdown 1.13, adds a new weapon variety, new legendary weapons, and more.Furthermore, Hunt Showdown version 1.13 includes a lot of bug fixes.

Players couldn’t generally begin sprinting immediately after firing a shot since the weapon was technically still pointed until the full recoil was applied, slowing movement.

To provide players greater influence over how their hunts unfold without the need for such hacks, several aspects of the system have been altered. The controls should thus feel more responsive and fluid as a consequence.

We accelerated weapon switching during Early Access to improve the responsiveness of the controls.

However, an unintended consequence of this shift was the widespread strategy of firing first, quickly switching to your backup weapon, and attempting to deliver a follow-up blow to put your opponent out.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.13

Vandal Striker Winfield weapons

a condensed form of the Winfield Vandal.

Both heavy and light melee attacks may made with the knife attached.

Martini Henry Marksman “Oberon’s Hound”

Marksman Martini-Henry IC1 The egret, doe, buck, and bear portrayed on its receiver were all successfully dispatched by this rifle, which bears the name of a ruthless and brutal woods hunter. This Martini-Henry IC1 Marksman is currently after bigger, more deadly targets.

The Martini Henry Deadeye “Sacrosanct”

IC1 Deadeye Martini-Henry

This Martini-Henry Deadeye’s work is holy; blessed in a way beyond earthly comprehension. People who are unfortunate enough to come into contact with the Sacrosanct will all too soon be brought face to face with their misdeeds.

Springfield, 1886, Marksman

Archangels commanded the celestial army combating the forces of evil in biblical stories. This Springfield 1866 Marksman is in the bayou with the same goal in mind: to drive out the invading forces of darkness and return the region to the holy light.

Nagant M1895 Precision

This Nagant M1895 Precision was presented to Fyodor Brusilov to commemorate his first voyage in command of The Polar Star. Because the ship never reach at its plan location, all troops were declared lost at sea, but that was before this cannon was recovered in a marsh.

More About Update 1.13 Patch Notes Hunt Showdown

Controls have been updated to allow for more smooth changeover between equipment operations and running.

Even if a weapon is still blazing and causing recoil, players can now sprint as soon as the aim input is lift.

Previously, the only method to bypass the delay before players could sprint after shooting a shot was to quickly switch equipment. This is no longer necessary.

This pertains to all combinations that have Aiming Down Sights or Speed set to toggle or hold, as well as Hunter and Gunslinger control schemes.

Weapon Changes

The LeMat Mark II revolver now fires at a somewhat faster pace. With ordinary ammo, it shoots a little more slowly than the Caldwell Conversion. Currently, the fanning speed is on level with the Caldwell Pax.

The rate of firing of the Nitro Express Rifle has slightly reduce. In order to help with animation mixing and the smoothness of the aforementioned rapid switch, it is now a little slower to discharge the second barrel immediately following the first.

For Bounty Hunt matches, the maximum matchmaking time has decrease to 90 seconds.

Hunt is now more approachable for new players thanks to changes made to the game’s skill requirements. It will continue to be artificially low until Trainee mode is over.

There is now a possibility that a bounty search operation will turn up firearms.

generally low-tier weaponry, though not necessarily. Frequently, unlock levels fall below rank 10.

From close range to far range, there are firearms for each.

Weapons that have take as plunder are consider illegal.

A potential beginning kit was launche with the Spectre Compact.

The Nagant M1895 Dual Wield has been include as potential beginning equipment.

The Caldwell Conversion Pistol Dual Wield was consider as potential starting equipment.

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