Karina Mobile Legends Guides and Gameplay Tips

Karina Mobile Legends: Karina is a Magic-damaging assassin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She was recently updated in MLBB because to her poor pick rate in Ranked matches.

This has resulted in fresh alterations to her appearance, talents, and powers, making Revamped Karina more deadlier than before. This guide will explain how to build and play Karina in Mobile Legends, beginning with her talents and on through emblems and spell recommendations, equipment, and gaming advice.

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karina mobile legends
karina mobile legends

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Karina’s distinct devastating powers on the MLBB battlefield. Karina is a hero who possesses the standard four skill sets of one passive and three actives. Let’s take a look at Karina’s talents in Mobile Legends and when you may utilise which skill to get the most out of her in this tutorial.

Karina’s third assault will provide more damage to the adversary after striking the same victim twice. This is equivalent to 13 percent of their lost HP plus (+5 * Hero Level) True Damage. If the target is an enemy hero, her non-Ultimate Cooldown, which includes Skill 1 and Skill 2, will be lowered by one second.

Best Builds for Karina in Mobile Legends:

The first item, Jungling Boot, Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots, provides increased movement speed and magic penetration. The next item, Calamity Reaper, significantly improves one’s basic attack while also providing extra Magic Power, Mana, and CD reduction, making it simpler to destroy opponents.

Shadow Twinblades should come next because it improves basic attacks while also granting magic lifesteal, magic power, and increased movement speed. The next item is Concentrated Energy, which boosts Karina’s Magic Lifesteal and makes her more viable in the game. Because Karina’s Damage scales with Magic Power, it is best to use Holy Crystal, which offers a lot of Magic Power.

Blood Wings and Lightening Truncheon are additional options, however they are far more costly than Holy Crystal. Choose Divine Glaives for the high magic penetration it provides. It should be noted that Karina’s main gear are Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots, Calamity Reaper, Shadow Twinblades, and Concentrated Energy. In the event of an ambush, one can really use the Winter Truncheon as a defensive instrument.

Mobile Legends Karina Gameplay Tips:

It should be noted that the finest sort of vengeance for Karina is ‘Rush Against,’ which takes foes’ movement speed while enhancing her own. We may divide it into three sections based on her gameplay. Our Mobile Legends Karina strategy guide covers the best strategies for the early, mid, and late game.

In the early game, the Red boost is required. The Purple buff must come after this. It should be mentioned that in order to level up your revenge, you must kill 5 creeps or monsters. As a result, after obtaining the Red and Purple buffs, it may go to the Lithowander, keeping an additional check on the turtle. Level 4 should have been attained by then.

Continue supporting your partner in the mid lane so that you may easily assassinate the enemy mage or midlaner. One might go to Gold Lane to kill enemy Marksmen or Carry heroes. It should be emphasised that this should only be done if the Turtle has not yet risen. If the Turtle has risen, one must choose the turtle above the enemy carry heroes.

Mid Game strategy:

The goal in the Mid Game should be to maintain rotating lanes and killing creeps. This might help you gain extra experience. During this phase, players must aim to be considerably more aggressive, invading enemy boosts while targeting opponent damage dealers. Her Skill 1 quickens her mobility. As a result, she is immune to basic assaults.

As a result, Karina may simply enter and destroy opposing heroes without being discovered. In the mid-phase, she might be the main target, and Dance of Blades can be utilised as an escape weapon. It is worth noting that the acquisition of additional Magic Power after killing 15 creeps is due to the most recent Retribution enhancements. As a result, after killing opposing heroes, one must not forget about the jungle.

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