About D2 Foundry Shaping! Full Quest Guide

About D2 Foundry: The City’s companies that manufacture weapons are called Weapon Foundries. The majority of weapon foundries’ names appear in the Destiny base game, however, starting with The Taken King, they take on a significantly larger significance.

About D2 Foundry

Destiny 2 has Veist as a minimum one new weapon factory. The Black Armoury, a foundry from the Golden Age, and its leader Ada-1 are the focal point of Season of the Forge. Some foundries date back to the Golden Age (such as the previously mentioned Black Armoury, Daito, or MIDA), while others date back to the period following the Collapse.

D2 Foundry
D2 Foundry

Every foundry has a distinctive look and feel that emphasises a particular design philosophy. On Armsday in Destiny, players can use randomised bonuses from Banshee-44 to acquire famous foundry weapons like Häkke, SUROS, or Omolon. The companies Cassoid, Crux/Lomar, Daito, Nadir, and Tex Mechanica are in charge of making a number of unusual weaponries. various weapon foundries prioritise various attributes, have different firing modes accessible on certain arms, or have specific perks accessible. As a result, weaponry from different foundries typically handle a bit differently.


Black Armory

In the late Golden Age, a clandestine weapon factory The Black Armoury is in form for the players. Ada-1, its only remaining member, covertly keeps its goods behind the gates in the Last City. The Kell’s Scourge is very interested in the weapons since they are of the greatest grade and are hence highly sought after.

Because of this, the Black Armoury was kept hidden for centuries—until the Guardians helped Ada find her missing forges and protect it against both the Scourge and the commander of Siviks, Lost to None.


The weapon foundry owning by the city that originally situates in Bannerfall is Crux/Lomar. Feizel Crux and Victor Lomar, who set up the foundry, are responsible for producing the rocket launchers Gjallarhorn, Truth, and Dragon’s Breath. The names of Crux/Lomar rocket launchers consist of a royal or aristocratic title, a two-letter alpha code, and a number.


Due to the deteriorated billboards with the corporate insignia that can be seen on the exterior of structures in the Freehold neighborhood of The Buried City on Mars as well as The Shattered Coast on Venus, Daito could have emerged during the Golden Age. The jade rabbit logo may be visible on a number of Daito items.

The City’s weapon factory is Daito. The typical naming convention for Daito weaponry is as follows: the name of the city following by a two-letter identification code, occasionally a shorthand of the weapon type, and by a number (for example, Saigon-LR5).


The Last City’s weapon factory is Häkke. Weapons made by Häkke have tan surface with orange striped surfaces and hexagonal patterns. Häkke weapons are straightforward, dependable, and offensive-focused. Stat modifiers are the last enhancements unlocking the perks.

In stark contrast to the strong-mobility weapons of VEIST. They are often powerful, slow rate of fire Kinetic weapons that have greater precision and recoil. Only if they direct and immobile. Usually, a great monarch or warrior’s name follows by a letter in the names of Hakke weaponry (for example, Galahad-E). One of the three foundries mentioned in Armsday is Häkke weaponry. They produce hand cannons, shotguns, sniper rifles, automatic rifles, pulse rifles, sidearms, and hand cannons.


The City’s weapon factory is Omolon. Energy weapons were inventing by Omolon, who prioritises good handling and behavioural benefits over stat change. The initial trace rifle is manufacturing by the foundry.

Omolon weapons typically have novel, ergonomic designs and are either black or aqua in colour. Their weapons have class-specific letters and numbers after an abyssal or cthonic creature in their names (for example, Acheron SR5). One of the 3 foundries mentioned in Armsday is Omolon.

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