The Outlast Trials Update 1.0 Patch Notes

The Outlast Trials Update 1.0 Patch Notes: Red Barrels created and released The Outlast Trials, a first-person psychological horror survival video game. It’s the third game in the Outlast series, and it’s a prequel to the first two. It stars test participants in a mystery Cold War experiment.

It’s bloody difficult. The Outlast Trials is exhilarating and furious, yet it may also devolve into annoyance rather than dread. Why is Outlast 1 so terrifying? Jump scares and gruesome sights are expertly laid up throughout the game. You never have the impression that you are not being pursued. It’s so creaking and old that even though I haven’t played it in years, I remember how it felt.

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The Outlast Trials Update 1.0 Patch Notes
The Outlast Trials Update 1.0 Patch Notes

We are presently analysing all of the comments and data from the launch week and will share additional information as soon as possible. Your input is extremely valuable to us; thank you for playing The Outlast Trials and taking the time to complete our survey! We’re working on enhancing the Group Finder so that people with comparable Therapy Levels may be queued together.

This modification should enhance the player experience when playing with strangers. We will keep an eye on this update and continue to improve it on the server side. Although the algorithm attempts to match participants with comparable Therapy Levels, it is conceivable that people will be placed in a group with a greater level gap.

The Outlast Trials Update 1.0:

The Outlast Trials update 1.0 is now available for PC (Steam). According to the official The Outlast Trials patch notes, the current version improves and adjusts the group finding. Aside from that, The Outlast Trials version 1.0 provides basic stability improvements. The game was recently release and receive good feedback.

Unfortunately, several gamers have reported difficulties, glitches, and error codes since the release. All of these issues will be address in today’s The Outlast Trials patch 1.0. The Group Finder has been improve to queue people with comparable Therapy Levels together. This modification should enhance the player experience when playing with strangers.

General Setting:

Group Finder will now prioritise looking for members of comparable skill levels. If the matchmaking process takes too long, the algorithm will go through extra levels to locate a team. Group Finder will prevent matching you with the same players repeatedly.

Quest items that fall to the ground as a result of players departing Trial or disconnecting will now display an indicator across the area to assist other players in finding them (Keys and Tickets). Players may no longer jump on the arm wrestling tables by using the railing in the Sleep Room.

Fixes issue:

Fixed a bug in which players might become stranded within a conceal area. Fixed an issue where players might escape the shuttle and fall off of the map. During the Mansion Tutorial, the Pusher NPC would not properly grip the player. Fixed a bug in which some menus would not open properly and players would become stuck. Fixed a bug that caused players to become trapped in the Graphics tab of the Settings page.

Fixed a bug in which the equipped cosmetic changed at the start of a Trial. It was discover that NPCs might become caught in a pass over after opening a door. Fixed an issue where players couldn’t use things offered to them by other players right away. A bug that cause the players to become trap on location has been fix. Other problems were fix to improve the game’s overall stability.

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