Valorant Update 6.11 Patch Notes

Valorant Update 6.11 Patch Notes: The dates for Valorant’s impending Episode 6 Act 2 PBE have been made public. And the most recent update to the schedule is due today. Players are aware that before making updates to the public version, the developers test new features and mechanics. As well as Agent and map-related enhancements, in a PBE.

Many of the available patch upgrades that use to have beginning from the  training period itself. In some very rare instances, developers will publish an update in case of any query. In one of the cases, Riot being the developer of the game, will forego the PBE patch in favour of two impending in-game upgrades.

Valorant Update 6.11 Patch Notes
Valorant Update 6.11 Patch Notes

Valorant Update 6.11 Player List

Participants could test out the modifications implemented in Valorant patch 6.03 and report defects during the PBE period, which was most recently held in February. The Reddit moderator of Valorant’s PBE page has provided the timetable for the forthcoming beta testing periods till patch 6.11.

All PBE tests will start on Friday, run through the weekend, and end approximately 11:00 PDT on the following Monday. The moderator notes that while the developers will make an effort to stick to the aforementioned timeframe, their plans are vulnerable to modification. Before patch 6.09, there won’t be a PBE, and Riot hasn’t yet said what will happen to PBE 6.10.

Valorant Update 6.11 Patch Notes Info

These beta testing occasions are only open to users who have been approved for Valorant’s PBE. Additionally, only citizens of North America are eligible to apply for or be chosen for the PBE server. On Riot’s official website, interested fans can submit an application for admission to the beta testing community. An invitation for use of the PBE server will be sent to the chosen candidates.

On March 7, 2023, the most recent competitive Act—Episode 6 Act 2—was added to the game via Valorant’s patch 6.04. Players welcomed a brand-new Initiator Agent, Gekko, who has taken the community by storm with his eccentric animal buddies and powerful equipment, in addition to the customary modifications.

The upcoming PBE 6.05 will probably focus on Agent problem patches given the recent release of Gekko. It might concentrate on optimising some of his skills, going after other agents on the game’s roster, and making adjustments to the current maps. Additionally, players may anticipate new UI additions or mechanical upgrades. The PBE will end shortly after the public update goes online.

Valorant Update 6.11 Spray Wheels

The in-game Spray wheel has also undergone some intriguing alterations as a result of the patch. On the Collections tab, the Spray display will now seem slightly differently, and Reyna has some new voiceover lines.

In Act III of Episode 6, Riot has at last released the most recent patch. Yoru-related game issues are addressed in patch 6.10, which also includes an update for Brimstone and improved in-game pictures for several Agents.

The patch also includes some intriguing adjustments to the in-game Spray wheel. Reyna has some new voiceover lines, and the Spray display will now appear slightly differently on the Collections tab.

Valorant Update 6.11 All Event List

The targeting reticle size of Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (E) and Orbital Strike (X) has been changed with the latest patch to be consistent with the size before to the patch 6.08 update. In addition, Riot has taken away the mouse cursor from Omen’s Ultimate, Sky Smoke, and Orbital Strike abilities for Brimstone.

Yoru Fakeout ability-related serious problems have also been repaired. There have also been some gameplay enhancements, such as the ability to keep defusing the Spike even while you are out of sight. When mounted on Vandal. The RGX Episode 4 Gun Buddy will now be updated and change colours much like it used to do on the Phantom.

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