Tower of Fantasy 3.1 PV Complete Details

Tower of Fantasy 3.1 PV: Tower of Fantasy, an open-world RPG, has just launched Version 2.4 in the Global version. It’s only a matter of time before they catch up to the CN version of Tower of Fantasy.

As a result, the CN version has just teased many PVs revealing a massive update drop loaded with new material and Simulacrums beginning with Version 3.1 and beyond. A recent teaser released on Bilibili previewed a slew of new characters as well as a strong foe that threatens the peace.

Tower of Fantasy is a popular free-to-play open-world RPG that will be launched worldwide in December 2021. A new clip seen at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase appears to indicate that the game will be released on PlayStation platforms at an unknown date during the summer of 2023. Players control numerous characters as they explore the game’s vivid cyberpunk-themed universe.

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Tower of Fantasy 3.1 PV
Tower of Fantasy 3.1 PV

Tower of Fantasy will be publish worldwide on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems, according to a recent PlayStation blog article. While no official release date has set, chief creator Sky has state that the game will be available sometime in Summer 2023.

Fans will also have a lot to look forward to with the game’s impending PlayStation release, including the all-new Grand Sea region. The Grand Sea is an entirely underwater environment with its own biology, adaptive combat, and exploration.

All future leaked characters in Tower of Fantasy 3.1 and beyond:

Unknown Villainous Tall Women: 

The trailer opens with a mysterious tall lady character dressed in black and white fittings, wearing a black mask and beginning to play the flute. We may assume from the trailer that she, like Lin, may have the Element ALTERED.

She appears to have magical talents and can cast ancient incantations to summon dead and shadow warriors with the sound of a flute. Furthermore, base on the teaser, her themes are mostly butterfly-theme, and she looks to be the antagonist to the rest of the characters feature.

Elegant Tall Woman:

Following that, the teaser depicts a woman sitting behind her computer, dressed in a black and white themed clothing with nicely done hair. She is the only character in the trailer who does not leap into action during the combat sequence. As a result, we cannot clearly identify her combat style and technique while also analysing what sort of Element she specialises in (although some rumours suggest that she may use the ALTERED Element).

Despite the limited information available, it is evident that the woman will play a major role in Version 3.1 based on her appearance in the 3.0 Official Banner picture. One of the characters seen in the trailer’s battle montage is a blue-themed lady with bunches fighting dark opponents with her fists. According to the leaks, her name is Yulan, and she will most likely have a Simulacrum banner in Version 3.0, as seen by her inclusion in the Version 3.1 banner.

Mysterious Flame Element Girl:

In the teaser, the girl pictured above hails a tall brush with her. Despite her small stature, she appears to have honed a fighting spirit as the girl (leaked to be called Garnett and originating from the FLAME Element) survives the assault of foes aimed at her. The girl is one of the few characters who appeared in the Version 3.1 banner picture.

It comes as no surprise that she has a Simulacrum banner in the same Version. The green-haired and green-themed little girl looks to be holding a Frost or Altered Element on the surface, but with the crackling of the earth, we believe she is a future VOLT character. The girl is arm with two swords.

The woman in the image and trailer is thought to be another FROST Simulacrum, since she looks to summon numerous swords around her to give AoE Frost damage to the foes around her. Closer inspection reveals that the lady transforms the feathers she conjures into swords.

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