Golden Bell Bundle Update Free Fire New Event

Golden Bell Bundle In Free Fire: Many skin packages have been made available for players of Free Fire. Both topping up your account and taking part in special events are ways to get these packages. This upcoming December 30, 2020, will see the debut of another combo dubbed Golden Bell and Blue Blaster. Utilizing the Magic Cubes, these bundles can be traded.

Beginning on December 30, 2020, the bundles were previously going to be offered. The Magic Box transaction in the in-game store can be used to buy these bundles.

Golden Bell Bundle In Free Fire
Golden Bell Bundle In Free Fire

The Blue Blaster package includes the headpiece, top, bottom, and shoes as a full set. The bundle recalls a catcher’s outfit, a position in baseball where the catcher is in charge of catching the pitcher’s pitches.

Golden Bell Bundle In Free Fire Random Draw Event

At the Gold Royal Random Draw event, this package was previously on sale. This package works with both male and female models.

The Golden Bell package is another option. It also includes a full set that has a charm on its forehead and resembles a seductive variation of the Chinese Hopping Vampire. Even if Halloween skins are a little bit late, they are still a great complement to everyone’s in-game wardrobe.

These packages are available at the Magic Cube Interchange Shop. For every bundle you trade, one Magic Cube is required.

Golden Bell Bundle In Sapphire Royal Event

By participating in the Sapphire Royale Spin Event, you can get Magic Cubes. Additionally, 100 cube fragments can be exchanged for magic Cubes at the store.

The Golden Bell and Blue Blaster bundles will replace the Samurai and Crimson Red combos. Please exchange the aforementioned bundles before they are taken out of the store if you want to purchase them.

The offered items in the Magic Cube Transfer Shop occasionally change. You might begin conserving Magic Cubes and watch for that bundle to become offered in the future if you missed a prior bundle.

No Limits Garena: Golden Roar Bundle A new package will soon be available to gamers in Free Fire. New events and awards are constantly being created by the developers. The Luck Royale will now include a new event, as chosen by Garena. Soon, the Moco Store will be accessible in-game. The Golden Roar Bundle will be available to players as part of the event. So let’s learn more in-depth about the bundle.

New Event Golden Bell Bundle In Free Fire

Basically, one of the most intriguing parts of Garena Free Fire is Luck Royale. Gamers depend on luck to win prizes. Garena has recently chosen to include the Moco Store under the aforementioned section. They must spin in order to obtain the desired prizes. One of the goods that will be offered during the event is the Golden Roar Bundle. The event will start on January 9 and go through January 15. As a result, gamers will have plenty of chances to claim the deal.

More prizes will be offered in the interim. Fragments, gift cards, skins, symbols, and many other items are among the rewards. In essence, users must pay diamonds to acquire those products. There will be a 30–40 diamond minimum per spin. Learning about the event must make the players very thrilled. There isn’t any formal confirmation, though.

For a few days, players must wait before receiving the formal confirmation. Therefore, starting on January 9, the Golden Road Roar Bundle will be offered. In essence, this is all about the bundle and the event. More benefits are on the way for you. So, keep checking for new information.

Recently Launched Golden Bell Bundle In Free Fire

As one of the main rewards in the recently announced Bunny Royale event, the legendary and scarce Bunny Warrior Bundle has made a comeback on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. Players who missed out on the chance to get the outfit earlier can now buy this bundle with diamonds and add it to their inventory of in-game items.

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