How to Unlock the oni Soulseeker Bundle Now

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How to Unlock the oni Soulseeker Bundle Now
How to Unlock the oni Soulseeker Bundle Now

The update has the same problem. Since its release, Free Fire‘s follow-up to Diamond Royale has garnered a lot of buzz. This detailed guide to the update Diamond Royale is your last opportunity to obtain the premium Oni Soulseeker Bundle!

The Oni Soulseeker Bundle Now

The male and female avatars of the Soulseeker set are represented by the bundles called Oni and Yokai. With just one Magic cube, this uncommon set may be quickly redeemed.

A free-to-play game called Garena Free Fire makes money by offering a range of microtransactions and selling cosmetics.

Most of the system’s incentives serve just to “make-up” the player and are completely undetectable. The Luck Royale system, which enables you to test your luck, is one of the most striking features. It may be split up into five sections:

The Diamond Royale is one of the five parts of the Luck Royale system. Consider it a lottery ticket. Character skins, bundles, chest skins, and commodities that modify the appearance of your parachute are available in the Diamond Royale.

Boosters and consumables are additional prizes that improve the amount of experience and money you gain after each match. Participants must pay Diamonds to draw the spin, as the game’s name implies.

In order to participate in the current or any next Free Fire Diamond Royale, participants must use diamonds or vouchers. One Diamond Royale ticket or 60 Diamonds are required for each “wheel of fortune” spin.

You will get one extra spin if you purchase 10 spins at once. You have a chance to win the Grand Prize on each spin. Additionally, you get 1 luck point every round, and when you reach 100 luck points, you can exchange for the grand prize.

How to Unlock the oni Soulseeker Bundle Now

As you may be aware, the Garena Free Fire Update is presently operational on all global servers. It has a wide range of effects and modifications on the battlefield. You may try out new characters, game modes, and features.

They’re joined by the all-new Diamond Royale and its one-of-a-kind Oni Soulseeker Bundle. You’d better move swiftly since you only have 18 days to seize it! Don’t miss out on the chance to get the wonderful box as well as a slew of other enticing gifts and boosters.

  • On your device, open the Garena Free Fire app.
  • Select “Luck Royale” from the main lobby screen.
  • The “Diamond Royale” tab mayfound and select.
  • For a spin, spend 60 Diamonds or 1 voucher; you may repeat the process as much as you like.

You get 11 turns for the price of ten, so keep that in mind. The Oni Soulseeker Bundle is more likely to won the more you spin.

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