How to Solve BGMI 500 Error Problem

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How to Solve BGMI 500 Error Problem
How to Solve BGMI 500 Error Problem

BGMI 500 Error Server Error Repair in Battlegrounds Mobile India – Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched on the Google Play Store for Android last month following a month of testing.

Although no specific date has been given, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile will be accessible for iOS users soon. The stable version of the Battle Royale game has been released, however players are still seeing difficulties when playing.

How to Solve BGMI 500 Error Problem

Users are unable to access the game since it looks that the Battlegrounds Mobile India server is offline. Players must reload the game from the Google Play store to fix the problem.

Although some players could run into area code limitations while seeking to download the game due to its popularity. In order to allow players to play the game, we’ll discuss how to deal with the issue of overloaded servers and restrict area codes in this blog.

Users in India are encountering issues with the Battlegrounds mobile app.

If it doesn’t work, contact Battlegrounds support and offer as much information about your device as you can. Experiment with new things until you discover one that works!

If you encounter this issue on your phone, do the following actions: The repair option during login often fixes most issues. Try activating aeroplane mode and then turning it off once again if you’re accessing it over mobile data. If none of these alternatives work, think about using a VPN.

Meanwhile, be sure to save your game data to a new device or to an offline mode so that you may continue playing even if the programme dies.

BGMI 500 Error Problem

We will continue to have this problem until the game has been optimised for emulators and published; there is nothing we can do to resolve or work around it.

There’s no need to fear if you’re experiencing problems playing Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error.

The problem is a notice that occurs while attempting to play the game, and there is no specific solution other than waiting for the server load to drop and attempting again. If it doesn’t work, contact customer support and request that your area code be restricted from playing the game. Additionally, avoid playing the game in the same area code as other gamers, as this will just exacerbate the situation. If feasible, connect to a wifi network or enable private DNS in your smartphone’s settings.

If none of the previous methods work, your only choice is to connect to the game over a VPN. Select the server with the lowest ping and then attempt to connect to the VPN using the same data connection.

Changing the country and area of your smartphone is the least-proven approach. This, however, may have an effect on the device’s performance, so use at your own risk!

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