How to Fix Error Code 100404 on Aether Gazer

Error Code 100404 on Aether Gazer: Aether Gazer is an updated and polished game in comparison with Honkai Impact 3rd but takes on a casual-friendly start point in contrast to Punishing. Grey Raven. Making it ideal for loading up on your preferred Android gaming phone. This conclusion is reached after playing the most beta version and displaying the global release. A beginner’s introduction to Aether Gazer’s combat. Team-building fundamentals. And upgrading systems have been created, nevertheless. To guarantee that everyone is on equal footing when the game launches.

Yostar. The same developer behind Azur Lane and Arknights, released the action role-playing game Aether Gazer. The gameplay of this action role-playing game is similar to that of Android top gacha games Punishing: Grey Raven and Honkai Impact 3.

How to Fix Error code 100404 on Aether Gazer
How to Fix Error code 100404 on Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer is an updated and polished game  Grey Raven, making it ideal for loading up on your favourite Android gaming phone, according to our hands-on experience with the most beta and our preview of the global release. Nevertheless, we’ve created a beginner’s guide outlining the combat, team-building fundamentals, and upgrading mechanisms you’ll discover in Aether Gazer so that everyone is on equal footing upon launch.

Error Code 100404 on Aether Gazer Action

If you’re acquainted with phone action RPGs, Aether Gazer’s gameplay mechanics will be familiar to you. You use your talents to make attacks while timing your dodges to combo attacks on the adversaries in the field. Perfect dodges put the adversary in a phase of weakness, opening you up to combine your strongest assaults.

Although you are free to move about the area, only one character—the one you designated as your leader before the mission—is under your control at any given moment. While in charge of your character, you can manually touch on your partners’ ultimates to make them active.

You can use trigger skills, regular attacks, and attacks with charges (tap and hold). A ability has a cooldown period after you’ve used it. Some skills require SP, therefore you’ll need to control your SP consumption if you want to keep using your skills.

How to Fix Error Code 100404 on Aether Gazer

It will take some trial and error to establish your preferred playstyle, but characters thrive in both melee and ranged combat. We advise going to the tutorial practise found under each unit’s Skills menu because your character might have tricks and sequences to make the most of their equipment.

The most satisfying aspect of any the gacha system action role-playing game is assembling a large group with distinctive units that each offer specialised skill sets and equipment. However, that doesn’t mean you should always show preference; Aether Gazer encourages teamwork by introducing a unique combo system where only some characters work well together. We’ve explained how to add more characters, how to use the combo system to unlock ultimate skillchains, and how to organise your team around your Gen-zones.

Aether Gazer 100404 Scan Rewards

You can run one scan or up to ten scans after you unlock the Scan option (accessible after you ability up your Administrative level throughout Chapter 1). These are the equivalent of a gacha banner’s summons or pulls. By using this technique, you can get characters or functors.

Modifier Scan Vouchers must be used to summon on banners; if insufficient, Shifted Stars may be used in their place. Every 10 scans, you will receive an A-rank character, and every 70 scans, an S-rank character. You should use your coupons to assemble a squad before using the Functor Scan banner, if at all possible.

If your party is strong enough, you can use an ultimate skillchain in combat. On any of your units, go to Modifier > Skills > Superior Skillchains to see which characters you require.

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