How Fix BGMI Error Code 1- Error in Battlegrounds Mobile India

BGMI Error Code 1: On July 18, Krafton made the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Early Access edition available to everyone.

As a consequence, the number of players has risen, which helps to highlight different concerns, one of the most current and prevalent of which is “Server is busy, please try again later.” The error code is “restrict-area.” This problem usually appears when a player launches BGMI and prevents them from entering the game.

With millions of users obtaining the open beta version from various sources such as Google Play Store (official), APK + OBB files, and even third-party stores such as TapTap, players must exercise caution as they may encounter numerous errors such as parsing problems, download failure, and more. For the time being, let’s concentrate on the ‘Server is busy’ issue and the’restrict-area’ error code. Continue reading to learn why people are experiencing this problem and how to resolve it.

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BGMI Error Code 1
BGMI Error Code 1

The Battlegrounds Mobile India server appears to be down, and users are unable to access the game. To resolve the issue, gamers must reinstall the game from the Google Play store. However, because the game is popular, some gamers may encounter area code restrictions while attempting to download the game. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to address the busy server problem and restrict area codes so that gamers may play the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error:

On June 17, 2023, the Battle Royale game entered Early Access in India, ending a nine-month wait for gamers to return to the game. 5 million people have downloaded the game so far. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was published on the Google Play Store for Android last month after being in testing for over a month.

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile for iOS will be available shortly. While its popularity has risen, various issues have emerged. During gameplay, several players report “server connection” or “server busy” troubles. Users in India are having issues with the Battlegrounds mobile app.

The software regularly crashes, and users say that they are unable to play the game. To resolve the issue, consider reducing your cell phone’s area code. If it fails, contact the Battlegrounds support staff and offer as many data about your device as possible. Continue to attempt until you find a successful solution! Meanwhile, save your game data on a separate device or in offline mode so you may continue to play the game if the app fails.

What is a BGMI Error Code 1?

There’s no need to fear if you’re experiencing problems playing Battlegrounds Mobile India Server Error. The problem is just a notice that occurs while attempting to play the game, and there is no specific solution other than waiting for the server load to drop and then attempting again.

If it doesn’t work, you may contact customer support and request that your area code be restricted from playing the game. However, this is a last resort because customer support will most likely want further information before taking any action. Meanwhile, avoid playing the game in the same area code as other gamers, since this will just exacerbate the situation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Battlegrounds Mobile India Battle Royale is exclusively available for Android phones. Because this game is not yet available for iOS or PC. Battlegrounds Mobile India is only compatible with Android phones running Android 5.1.1 and devices with 2GB or more RAM. You will be unable to play the game if your smartphone does not meet these minimum criteria. Here are some of the reasons.

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