Demon1 Valorant Settings Crosshair & Config Settings

Demon1 Valorant Settings: Evil Geniuses almost missed out on the VCT Americas playoffs by being on the winning side of a five-way tie with other teams in the league.

Demon1 was instrumental in EG improving their record and entering the playoffs, however he will be unable to attend Valorant Masters Tokyo if the team qualifies. Valorant supporters were taken aback when Evil Geniuses made it to the Playoffs but 100 Thieves and Sentinels nearly missed out. They had a terrible start but turned things around at the conclusion of the split.

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demon1 valorant settings
demon1 valorant settings

The VCT Americas League will become even more intriguing as clubs will now compete against one other in the Playoffs. The top six teams from the standings will compete for a spot in the VCT Masters Tokyo. Six teams have advanced to the Playoffs: Cloud9, LOUD, NRG, Evil Geniuses, Leviatán, and FURIA.

Day 1 of Stage 2 features two matches, one of which is a full-fledged NA fight between NRG Esports and Evil Geniuses. The Regular Season came to a close with a single match between NA’s 100 Thieves and Brazil’s MIBR. The former needed to win the match to advance to the Playoffs, but the latter was already out. They gave fans one of the biggest surprises, winning the BO3 series 2-1 and taking down 100 Thieves with them. As a result, Evil Geniuses qualified for the Playoffs.

Demon1 Valorant Settings:

While everyone on the squad improved, starting Max ‘Demon1’ Mazanov over Brendan ‘BcJ’ Jensen was a significant shift that resulted in EG qualifying for the playoffs. Demon1 has announced that he will not be able to accompany Evil Geniuses to VCT Masters Tokyo if they qualify because he was not on their initial starting lineup for VCT Americas.

Evil Geniuses needed a reliable entrance fragger prior to the addition of Demon1. While some teams may get away with without having a Duelist, such as Jett or Raze, Evil Geniuses had yet to find what worked for them, and Alexander ‘jawgemo’ Mor’s effort at the role wasn’t particularly convincing.

Putting Demon1 on Jett turned out to be just what they needed. While he played a few matches on other characters, his Jett was a highlight and a huge element of EG’s eventual qualification. Though he’ll be allowed to play with the team until the Playoffs, he revealed on stream that he won’t be able to attend VCT Masters Tokyo if Evil Geniuses make it there owing to his absence from the team’s initial starting lineup. Instead, if EG gets it to the international event, BcJ will very certainly be added back to the team for their international run.

Which NA club will win their first VCT Americas League Playoff match?

NRG Esports had a fantastic run in VCT LOCK//IN, giving Brazil’s finest, LOUD, a fight for their money. They started badly in the Regular Season but were able to regain form at the ideal time. During the Regular Season, the NA team won six of nine games. In 2023, Evil Geniuses experienced several ups and downs.

The squad easily defeated MIBR and Sentinels, but they were also overwhelmed in the games they lost. In the VCT Americas League, they won four of nine matches. NRG Esports has a strong advantage in this encounter, as seen by their previous success. To win this match, Evil Geniuses will have to offer their all.

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