Battlefield 2042 Update 4.2.2 Patch Notes

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.2.2 Patch Notes: The newest update for Battlefield 2042 has been released by EA and DICE, and the patch notes for 2.4.2 reveal that several irritating gameplay issues have finally been resolved.

Battlefield 2042 has had a long and winding ride, beginning with a litany of issues, poor critical reactions, and complaints from the general player base. DICE, on the other hand, stayed steadfast throughout the first year, first delaying Season One of Battlefield 2042 DLC in favour of fixing and updating the core game to a state that gamers would be satisfied with.

For the most part, today’s Battlefield 2042 update includes a slew of quality-of-life improvements to weaponry, vehicles, and general gameplay aspects. Aside from that, DICE is finally redoing the Discarded map. These changes to Discarded have been planned for some time, and DICE claims that the map is now “more enjoyable and accessible” than it was previously.

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battlefield 2042 update 4.2.2 Patch Notes
battlefield 2042 update 4.2.2 Patch Notes

Battlefield 2042 has totally recovered from the spiral it found itself in at launch thanks to continuous updates and a new seasonal content approach. New material and significant changes have served to raise the experience, even attracting new players. After revamping many maps, bringing back the traditional class system for specialists, and adding tonnes of quality of life improvements, DICE continues to focus on the minor details that still have an influence on the game, recently releasing version 2.4.2.

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.2.2 Patch Notes:

The option to remove attachments from weapons from the Customization Screen has been add. In-game Plus Menu readability has been improve by simply displaying the attachment category that is being modifie. The way attachments are move and change out in the Customization Menu has been improve. Improved the clarity of detailed information about how suppressors work on the Collection Screen.

Fix the layout on the Customization screen so that all information is present in the same location. Reduced the number of steps required to change attachments. “Personal Best” has been include as a new Squad Performance screen statistic. If you’ve set a new record for statistics like most kills, damage dealt, revives, or assists, this stat may appear to recognise your efforts in going above and beyond on the battlefield.

It is now possible to skip all the way to the main menu without abandoning automatic matching during the End of Round flow. Round-based Game Modes now support side switching and have improved visual communication to show what occurs once the match period expires.

General & Gameplay Improvements:

Doors formerly held by the enemy team will now open immediately when you come near to them, rather than requiring you to press the interact button. For an easier perspective, the scoreboard has been update to maintain the Objective score in the right-most column for all objective-base game styles.

When utilising smart explosives, Sundance Mastery now accurately tracks Assists on destroyed enemy vehicles. Irish and Sundance’s gadgets now have the correct icon. Sundance’s Scatter Grenade will no longer be deflect or ricochet by Dozer’s Ballistic Shield. When using the Smoke Grenade Launcher, SPH Explosive Launcher, Recoilless M5, Javelin, or FXM-33, soldiers will now be observe on the minimap.

While struck down and waiting for a revival, the reload prompt no longer shows. If you are kill by one of them while self-destructing, the kill report will now show Ranger as the reason of death. Blasco no longer tries to hug the earth, and her arms should stay in the proper position while switching to her device while prone.

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