Blue Protocol Dev Update 7.0 Release Date & Dev Update

Blue Protocol dev Update 7.0: Welcome to the Blue Protocol Developer Livestream #7.0 Deep Dive for today. Several times during the live, the developers noted that while they may look worried, their enthusiasm for the project knows no boundaries.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure as we explore the land of Regnas. THE BLUE PROTOCOL, This gripping online action RPG is expected to take the gaming industry by storm, developed by the acclaimed teams of Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco teams. It will first be available on PC, but it will also be available on the PS5 and XBOX X|S series.

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blue protocol dev update 7.0
blue protocol dev update 7.0

After four years of chronicling the events of Blue Protocol, the game is slated to make its debut in Japan on June 14th, 2023 for the PC edition. As the release date approaches, fans’ enthusiasm grows, generating a mix of worry and adrenaline. The official website will offer information on the precise moment the service will begin.

The “Magnus Store,” which acts as the game’s cash store, will be closed for maintenance during the game’s debut. Following confirmation of a stable launch, it is planned to open three hours after the service begins. It is crucial to remember, however, that these times are susceptible to vary depending on the circumstances. Rest assured that all other features of the game will be available right away.

Level Cap & Launch Content:

As the release date approaches, users will be able to pre-download the game from the website one week in advance. To guarantee a seamless gaming experience, remove any incompatible versions, such as NT and others, as advised by the creators.

Blue Protocol will reveal its immersive tale by publishing the campaign’s first three (3) tale Chapters. Players will be able to level up their characters to a maximum of 50, allowing them to fully explore the game’s massive globe. The game will launch with the five known classes: Blade Warden, Keen Strider, Spell Weaver, Twin Striker, and the Foe Breaker.

Furthermore, all of the material that was available during the Network Test will be available to gamers, guaranteeing a rich and diversified gaming experience. As the creators have suggested, there will be much more intriguing stuff available to users when the test period concludes.

Blue Protocol has launched three intriguing pre-registration campaigns following the completion of the live. The first campaign allows pre-registered gamers to select among purple, sky blue, or green dye item boxes. These packets contain enough dye to completely transform one outfit. Players have until the game’s release date to establish an account and pre-register.

Post Network-Test Balance:

Now, let’s take a quick look at some post-Network Test adjustments. As described in the recent #6.3 Developer Livestream, the team has completed various corrections and balance tweaks. The Adventure Board has nodes that must be finished in the correct order, which are denoted by lines connecting them, while all other nodes stay active at all times.

Although additional activities can be completed concurrently, they are not yet shown in the HUD owing to continuing development work. The most recent updates entail lowering the amount of “mandatory” tasks that must be completed before unlocking the final prizes or objectives. Previously, there were more quests connected in a series, and players had to finish all of them before reaching the final quest.

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