VALORANT Magepunk 3.0 Skins Leaked

VALORANT Magepunk 3.0 Skins Leaked: The most recent leaks indicate that Magepunk will be Valorant’s first collection, with three distinct editions.

This last pack will include a Phantom and Vandal, as well as a different cuchillo than previous packs in this theme. “Brrrrrrr ELECTROCUTADO”. If you hear this phrase, you may be sure that the Valorant Magepunk bundle is on its way to you.

This line has two packs of features that were previously released and have a large following inside this server. With weapons like the Ghost, Sheriff, Spectre, or Marshall, this electric line has a rather odd remate inside the game.

However, according to the most recent filtering. A third line of this pack is on its way, making it the first game in the series to include a third pack of skins. According to ValorLeaks, this is one of those who has two main weapons. Which might result in a high price. Following that, we’ll have a look at the possible options and release dates for this new pack.

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VALORANT Magepunk 3.0 Skins Leaked
VALORANT Magepunk 3.0 Skins Leaked

Valorant offers a variety of skin bundles that are divided into many tiers: Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra, and Exclusive. The Magepunk package, which includes kill flags and animations, is in the latter half. Its first bundle was a hit with players. The second one might be as well.

Armas, prices, and possible dates in Magepunk 3.0:

According to ValorLeaks, there are two confirmed weapons and one cuchillo, which means we’ll need to add two more weapons, which might be the ones listed below and marked with an asterisk to distinguish them from this information. Everything indicates that the price of this third collection will rise in comparison to the previous ones.

The presence of Phantom and Vandal secures the pack and frees up some of the 7.100 VP that the first and second versions cost. The price might go up by 1.000 VP, or it could stay the same, an extra dozen euros. The same price as other packs like Sentinels of Light. In terms of time, we don’t know this information as of today.

So it could range from a week, which is when this new collection ends, to 36 days, which is when this act ends and a new one begins, giving players an extra incentive to visit Valorant and purchase these cosmetics. What is clear is that Riot wants to repeat formulas that have worked in the past, and this Magepunk 3.0 is proof of that.

Unorthodox skins:

Riot never fails to please the Valorant player base with fresh and unique skins. Riot is the finest in-game cosmetic game, according to every player on the planet. Riot is know for create unusual skins with distinctive animations. The new Magepunk package will be in shops shortly, according to floxay, a notable Twitter data miner who has previously provided impending details on numerous improvements coming through in Valorant.

There are strings in Valorant that appear to hint at an impending package with four distinct colour versions. Magepunk 1.0, like the Glitchpop 1.0 package, does not include any of the most commonly utilised weapons, such as Phantom or Vandal. So, in terms of assumptions.

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