Stoneshard Update Patch Notes

Stoneshard Update Patch Notes: Made it feasible for Throwing Nets to be equipped in weapon slots. When opening locks via the context menu. Lockpicks are now prioritised over Crowbars. Fixed abilities not changing their Range when engaging in non-turn actions.
It was fixed so that “Double Lunge” would have a shorter downtime if both strikes were damaging. Stagger and “Mighty Kick” have the problem fixed.

The character’s capacity to attack after getting thrown back during the same turn as travelling to a different place was locked; this issue has been fixed.

Stoneshard Update Patch Notes
Stoneshard Update Patch Notes

The issue with “Regroup” giving its effect for less turns than stated in its hover has been fixed. Tree rendering problems have been resolved.

There is now a fix for the Prologue’s problem with movement during various animations.
fixed incorrect item drops from low level brigands upon death.

Corrected “Will to Survive” giving its effect for less turns than stated in its hover.
It was fixed that some new things were missing from traders’ inventories, Distance Dungeons’ chests, and secret spaces. Skeleton Kingsguards’ inaccurate damage values were fixed.

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Stoneshard Update Available Patch Notes

Fixed Brigands reacting incorrectly to the deaths of adjacent dogs with the improper speech lines. The “Hold the Line!” crash has been fixed. Eliminated the crash brought on by “Elusiveness”. A crash that occurred when some NPCs in villages were interacted with has been fixed. Unable to use “First Aid” without active Illness has been fixed.
Repaired abandoned chicken coops continue to make foul noises.

Fixed the problem where, after loading a save, minibosses would lose their name.
Rethe Restless’s ability to drop several weapons. Fixed the potential for missing the request to find the tutorial trap in the Prologue. Some objects now have new sprites.
Fixed the issue blocking entry to one of the Brigand dungeons at the beginning.

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Stoneshard Update Updates

The two-dimension turn-based RPG Stoneshard currently has patch 0.8 available. The second step of the main quest, “Gwynnel’s Answers,” which concludes the intro sequence and gets you ready for the game’s sandbox section, is introduced with this update, which is additionally referred to as the Hidden Lore Update.

The Forgotten Lore Update also includes a brand-new Fatigue system, in which using your talents and carrying out certain tasks will result in Fatigue. Your maximum energy will be lower based on how much of this you have. The good news is that by obtaining regular rest, consuming healthy foods, and using particular consumables, you may keep fatigue under control.

Changed Jonna’s initial Affinities such that she now has the option of Electromancy and Magical proficiency instead of Daggers and Dual Wielding. She also modified her beginning equipment and special abilities. Included a mechanism that allows time to pass in places even when the character isn’t there.

Now, damage is returned via damage reflection before protection and resistances have been applied. Armour Penetration has been added to the bulk of spells. Spells now benefit from Perception’s Armour Penetration. Changes to the mechanics of curses. Curses of Goldhoarder and Loudmouth were taken out of the game.

Stoneshard Update Improved Gameplay

  • Decreased the separation between towns and dungeons.
  • Lower spawn rates for the wolves and brigands you encounter in the forest.
  • Max Health is no longer level-dependent.
  • Most 5+ level adversaries have received significant enhancements to help the scaling of mid- and late-game content.
  • Brynn and other far-off dungeons have been made more challenging.
  • Reduced the duration and energy cost of cooldowns and their impact on willpower.

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