Oxygen Not Included Base Layout Complete Guide

Oxygen Not Included Base Layout: In Oxygen Not Included, constructing an effective foundation may be a difficult undertaking.

With so much risk for duplicants, it is critical to offer an environment that is consistently protected from outside threats, so that dupes may heal in peace, with fresh oxygen to breathe, clean floors to dance on, accessible food to eat, and artworks to admire. There are various crucial aspects to consider when a player’s base grows. In a colony sim that is so harsh on its people, careful planning may make all the difference.

When starting Oxygen Not Included, it is best to build a foundation carefully. Dupes’ basic requirements should be fulfilled at first with two outhouses, research stations, rudimentary power generation, a microbe musher, water, and cots. However, ONI is programmed in such a way that as the dupes require more supplies to survive and eventually prosper, they meet more threats and require more room to expand their colony. As the colony expands, so do their need.

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Oxygen Not Included Base Layout
Oxygen Not Included Base Layout

In base building games, organisation is a natural component of the gameplay. It aids in the consolidation of difficulties and the narrowing down of the source of any problems that may occur. The most frequent organisational technique in Oxygen Not Included is to develop vertically, with each floor dedicated to a distinct job. You may pick what each floor does, but some highly suggested configurations include a separate level for equipment, oxygen production, living space, and food.

Gas Traps:

One of the most apparent aims of Oxygen Not Included is to provide your colony with breathing air, thus it’s critical to understand how to cope with non-breathable gases. Hydrogen will always float as high as it can; once you’ve installed an electrolyzer, you should consider constructing a chamber at the top dedicated to managing the hydrogen. One of the finest solutions is to pipe your hydrogen from the top level to wherever you chose to install a hydrogen generator.

This offers you a decent amount of electricity, and as long as you don’t make too much hydrogen, you should be able to survive. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, is rather heavy and will sink to the bottom of your base. If you can’t handle converting carbon dioxide, you may always create a location for it to accumulate till later.

If you have the resources and time, you may use an algae terrarium or an air scrubber to turn your carbon dioxide into oxygen. When building ladders, it’s a good idea to leave enough room on either side of the ladder. It has no effect on your colonists’ mobility because they can leap from the ladder to a floor tile one square away, but it does enable gases to flow more freely throughout the base. It is not an ideal system.

Where to Put Machines and Critters in an Oxygen-Free Base:

Some devices in Oxygen Not Included can create harmful, realistic byproducts such as excess heat, unbreathable gases, or poisonous liquids. These should be store away from the main base. For the time being, critical devices such as the water sieve can be retained within the base as long as the player can spread the heat through wheezeworts, radiant pipes, or fluids.

This is no longer essential once the player has researched shipping and has access to the auto-sweeper. Some animals and plants, such as dreckos and balm lilies, will not reproduce if exposed to oxygen. These should be store outside of the base. Many other animals and plants, on the other hand, thrive in oxygen-rich environments and may be house within the base for easy access.

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