Universal Color Scheme Brawlhalla

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There are hues suitable for every narrative. While certain colours may be obtained by levelling up a legend and unlocking the colour in the Mallhalla or through the Mallhalla during special events, some colours can only be obtained by levelling up a legend and unlocking the colour.

Universal Color Scheme Brawlhalla
Universal Color Scheme Brawlhalla

Universal Color Scheme Brawlhalla

As the majority of you may already know, the colouring palette for the Season 5 Brawlhalla Battle Pass is hot garbage. This petition seeks to influence BMG to change the colour scheme.

The colouring scheme is awful in addition to being a horrible parody of the previous Jötunn Winter Battle Pass Season 3. The hues, however, have nothing whatever to do with the new Season 5 battle pass’s idea.

If you have any interest in the in-game cosmetics for Brawlhalla, I strongly advise you to sign this petition.

When Legends achieve a specific level, they can use these colours. These colours are unlocked at a distinct rate for each Legend.

These hues are accessible for the duration of the associated events. Any Legend may purchase any colour, regardless of its perpetual rotation or ownership.

Battle Pass prizes come in these hues. At the conclusion of the Battle Pass, a universal colour scheme is acquired, giving all existing and future Legends the colour. At various tiers, the colour for a Legend that is chosen at random is unlocked. When a Battle Pass expires, the colours are no longer accessible.

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More About Universal Color Scheme Brawlhalla

By winning a game against them during the event, you can reveal the Legend’s Colour! Unlocking the colour for each Legend will also provide you access to the Universal Colour Scheme. If you do that, you will always have it for every Legend!

Win a matchmade game with that legend to receive the coveted purple and black Raven’s Honour colour scheme.

Each Legend must triumph in order to access the Universal Colour Scheme and acquire those tones in the future.

The new Fenrir GG Emoji Skin, which is based on Fenrir Mordex, may thereafter be obtained by earning 10,000 XP in matchmade games.

Only during this three-week event are the Raven’s Honour Colour Scheme and the Fenrir GG Emoji accessible.

To obtain this unique purple and black colour scheme, you must triumph in a matchmade game with that Legend. Win matchmade matches with all 58 Legends to grant all upcoming Legends access to the Universal Colour Scheme! You must take part in this Timed Event Mission to receive the Universal Colour Scheme Brawlhalla.

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