Tower of Fantasy 3.0.5 Patch Notes Quality of Life Update

Tower of Fantasy 3.0.5 Patch Notes Quality of Life Update: Hotta Studios’ newest blockbuster MMO game, Tower of Fantasy, will be published internationally for PC and mobile on August 11, 2023.

Millions of Wanderers explore the dystopian planet of Aida, unravelling its numerous riddles and secrets to gain new special prizes in the now-extremely popular Gatcha title.

The creators published their newest optional hotfix on August 18, 2023, bringing various gaming experience enhancements and bug fixes to the game. Importantly, the most recent Tower of Fantasy patch update fixes crashing issues and improves server suggestion logic.

Tower of Fantasy is promoted as an MMORPG, but Genshin Impact is an action RPG. The genre distinction is what distinguishes Tower of Fantasy from its competition Genshin Impact, since the two games would have been too similar without minor feature set adjustments.

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Tower of Fantasy 3.0.5 Patch Notes Quality of Life Update
Tower of Fantasy 3.0.5 Patch Notes Quality of Life Update

When you begin a new game in Tower of Fantasy, you have the choice of selecting a male or female character. Keep in mind that you cannot presently change from male to female or vice versa after making your first selection and must start over. King is the highest-rated shatter character in Tower of Fantasy, with upgrades increasing your damage against shields significantly.

Tower of Fantasy 3.0.5 Patch Notes:

According to the official blog post, below are the entire patch notes for the Tower of Fantasy 18 August 2023 optional update. Optimised the presentation of queue time and improved the display time being too long in comparison to the real time. When queuing, the server suggestion algorithm has been improved; other servers in the same area as the presently selected server will now be recommended.

Bug fixes:

The issue with a blank pop-up window appearing while launching or upgrading the game has been resolve. When cancelling login on iOS devices, the crash problem was fixe.
The Japanese character name in the server selection interface is no longer show as “?”
The teleport bug on the world map has been re-code and address.

The issue with vanishing water surfaces in various scenarios has been resolve. In the Portuguese version, the crash problem when using the Matrices system has been resolve. Tower of Fantasy may be update via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Mobile customers will receive a push notification on their phones. The timing of the message varies depending on the shop guidelines.

After receiving the push message, gamers can choose to upgrade Tower of Fantasy. It is preferable to conduct the update via Wi-Fi (ideally with an unlimited data plan). This is in addition to the requirement that users download extra in-game materials after installing the latest Tower of Fantasy edition.

5th Angel of Clemency:

Every decent game requires a diverse cast of villains, antagonists, and, well, nemeses. However, the exact affiliation of this article is not entirely obvious. Nemesis, the 5th Angel of Clemency, is present. A playable character that crushes her enemies with the Venus weapon.

At the moment, Nemesis has taken the appearance of Shirli and is ready to emerge for her team when a player rolls a die. Taking control of the red-eyed Nemesis might be advantageous as she uses her cybernetic modifications to win battles. In the midst of combat, this experienced warrior wears a crimson and black outfit with silver hair.

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