MLBB Update 1.7.84 Patch Notes

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MLBB Update 1.7.84 Patch Notes
MLBB Update 1.7.84 Patch Notes

There are new skins and Hero Adjustments in the most recent Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.7.84 Update. With some fresh Battlefield changes and Revamped Emblem improvements made in the last several Patch releases, the game is being altered. Give a thorough explanation of the Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.84 Update.

MLBB Update 1.7.84 Patch Notes


In addition to upgrading Ruby, we’re modifying her to the Lifesteal modifications.


Effect removed: Skills now receive 115% of Physics L’escal effects. All skills now feature 125) Spell vemp as a new effect.


We want to increase the long-term damage that Valir can do.

It deals between 0.69% and 1.29% of maximum health in damage every second.

Skill 1 When you strike the turtle or the lord, the new effect sends a stack of fireballs your way.

Fixed a problem where the visual effects and notification of gradual and explosive damage did not correspond to the zone of impact.


Vale’s vaporised power has increased, enhancing both his skill and ultimate.

We discovered that the majority of players like a single effect for Skill Vale, therefore we eliminated several of the choices and improved the Skill and Ultimate.

Vale may enhance any spell when he achieves Levels 4 through 8

Skill 1 Increases distance (Wind Blade Scatter): New Effect

According to new Elek, enemies hit by a whirlwind will be airborne for 1 second. A windstorm will last two seconds in the chosen area. A windstorm is now persistently pulling your opponent towards the middle.

The following is Ledakan’s damage output: >> 800-1200 1200-1800 (+240%

Total Magical Power; Windstorm Death

Slow effect: 40% >> 20%

Effect removed: Reduces the enemy’s magical defence by 15 points.


We’re working to increase Gord’s sustained damage and maximise his abilities.

Skill 2 In order to match the scope of his Ultimate, we’re expanding the area of effect.

Resolved a situation where the impact’s scope was greater than what the

Impacts on display and indication


We removed the arrow scatter effect from Miya’s second skill since it was ineffective, and instead increased the beginning damage and skill.

Skill 2 Arrow dispersion and the Slow Effect were removed. Damage to the centre: 120-240+ 4596 Physical Attack >> 270-570 + 1359%

A physical attack

Expands the effect area

Only slightly increases the amount of time spent using Sic.

Dhanged the skill animation


Eudora’s combos should be simpler to use, we hope.

Skill 1 Length of the foreswing has somewhat reduced.

The length of the backswing is severely reduced.

The length of the foreswing has been significantly reduced.

There has been a little increase in backswing time.


Badang is more difficult to combat with the equipment upgrade and knockback, thus we reduced his Stun.

Stun 0.8 >> 0.5 second(s) in length


Silvanna has been updated to match the Lifesteal changes. A total of 8096 lives were taken; 100%


Beatrix was altered to take into account the changing Lifesteal.

As you deal Magic Damage, your coolness will decrease.


Alucard was altered to take into account Lifesteal’s modifications.

50% of the physical lifesteal effect is applied to the skill removed effect.

40%–60% physical life theft >> 28%–40% of hybrid yields.

Added 1 stack of fireballs as a new effect when striking a turtle or a lord. Fixed an issue where the slow and explosion damage effects were felt more widely than indicated by the indicators and visual effects.


We want to make more experimental adjustments to Chang’e.

There is a possibility of doing damage.

Skill 1 Projectile Speed has increased a little.

Skill 2 Enhanced Basic Attacks’ projectile speed is a little bit increased.

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