How to Fix Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody

Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody: In Tower of Fantasy, players will come upon a region known as the Ring of Echos as they explore Astra.

This area contains a puzzle centred around numerous platforms that show music notes when hopped upon, and there is a prize for solving it. This guide is meant to help those fans who are perplexed by the Ring of Echos music note problem in Tower of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy contains several riddles for players to complete.

You’ll encounter platforms in the Ring of Echos that generate music note noises when you tread on them. If you tread on them in the correct order, you will hear a certain music. You must tread on the yellow button-like platforms in a precise order to complete the music problem in the Ring of Echos.

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tower of fantasy calling melody
tower of fantasy calling melody

Because the platforms are awkwardly raised, you must jump onto them. We recommend that you turn on the sound while working on this puzzle so that you can hear the sound made by each platform and check that the music note is registered. Assuming the empty clearing is in front of you, follow the steps in the image below in the correct order.

Tower of Fantasy Calling Melody:

After you walk on the first platform, the second will light up, making it easy to see where you should move next. The third platform, which is not above but is right behind the second, is the same. When you walk on the third platform, the fourth and fifth platforms will light up at the same moment.

you complete the problem, be sure you tread on them in the correct order! If you finish the riddle correctly, a Lost Treasure will emerge in front of you for you to plunder. Players must just hop on the aforementioned platforms in the proper order to accomplish the Ring of Echos music note puzzle.

Gacha game lovers should stand on the metal circle that is flush with the ground and then turn to face the cliff where the platforms are located to identify the first platform. The platform to jump on is between two tiny trees on the right side of the stone ramp, thus fans should move ahead and slightly to the right.

The next platform that Tower of Fantasy players must jump on will glow after they tread on this first one. To be clear, this second platform is only on the opposite side of the stone ramp, and hopping on it will light up the third level. In fact, the process of illuminating the next platform in the sequence will continue until the riddle is complete, and viewers can witness the full journey in the video below.

Echos music note puzzle:

In terms of the prize for completing the Ring of Echos music note problem, after the fifth platform is trigger, a chest will emerge on the metal circle. This chest contains a Gold Nucleus, which may be use to roll for weapons and characters in Tower of Fantasy.

When fans open the chest, they will also receive some Astra Exploration Points, which will bring them closer to collecting even more prizes. After completing the Ring of Echos music notes puzzle, players should go west to the end of the river, which leads to Astra Shelter.

There is an NPC on the north bank of the river, and free-to-play MMORPG players can win some goodies by answering her questions about the Tower of Fantasy universe. However, providing right answers to these questions might be difficult, and players may need to make multiple attempts.

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