Meet Your Maker Update 1.07 Patch notes

Meet Your Maker Update 1.07 Patch notes: Behaviour Interactive developed and released Meet Your Maker, a first-person shooter video game.

Meet Your Maker takes set in a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic environment that’s as generic as they get, with players charged with building and raiding user-generated outposts equipped with traps and guards. The thin plot depicts a globe that has succumbed to an unknown sickness, leaving mankind struggling for uncorrupted genetic material in order to discover a solution.

The highest Prestige level is ten. Once your outpost has been levelled, you may either leave it or transfer it to the Social tab. By viewing replays, you may also Prestige in Meet Your Maker. What exactly is this? Earning both Cells and Parts and then purchasing them from the Advisor in your base unlocks any of these weapons.

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Meet Your Maker Update 1.07 Patch notes
Meet Your Maker Update 1.07 Patch notes

In addition to purchasing new weapons, this is where you may improve them. Meet Your Maker is not your ordinary first-person shooter. Prota is the go-to adviser for gamers looking to master the trap game, since this advisor specialises in instruments of pain that will become an essential component of any outpost. Her assistance in improving Synthite gains is also beneficial.

Meet Your Maker Update 1.07 Patch notes:

Meet Your Maker update 1.07 (PS5 version 1.002.001) has been released by Behaviour Interactive, and it includes a slew of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. Read on for the creators’ official Meet Your Maker May 18 patch notes.

  • We pushed a fix which should help with long loading times on PlayStation consoles.
  • We have fixed an issue which caused Outposts to not appear in the Raid Map under certain conditions.
  • We resolved a problem that was preventing certain freshly built Outposts from receiving Raids.
  • Traps should no longer shoot through corner blocks in certain setups.
  • Raiders should no longer become caught in passageways with multiple wedges or corners in certain configurations.
  • After purchasing the Strip Mine or Power of War Advisor Boosts, Raiders should now receive a consistent amount of enhanced treasure.

Other changes:

  • he size, damage and duration of the Plasma Cloud Mod for the Plasma Sentinel Trap has been reduced. The Reductions are as follows:
  • The damage taken over time from the Corrosive Cube Trap has been reduced from 1 second to 1.25 seconds.
  • The explosion charge-up time for Traps equipped with the Self-Destruct Mod has been shortened from 2.5 second to 2 seconds.

What is the minimum defense in Meet Your Maker?

Players must simply construct a variety of guards and traps in their achieve Your Maker Outposts to achieve the minimal defence criteria. Elden Ring players who desire to enhance their weapons beyond +3 can do so with the assistance of Blacksmith Hewg, who can be found in the Roundtable Hold.

Once there, simply proceed to the right of the main area to find the Smithing Master Hewg, who may enhance your weapons to +10 or +25, depending on the weapon. All of Meet Your Maker’s traps have their purposes, but the Holocube complements them all. As a base builder, make this one of your initial purchases.

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