How to Get Ravens Honor Color in Brawlhalla

How to Get Ravens Honor Color in Brawlhalla: To commemorate exceeding 100 million lifetime gamers, we’re going all out! With a new Epic Skin, Colour Scheme, daily BotWs, and so much more, we’d want to thank you all for being such an incredible and committed community throughout the years.

Inari Yumiko, our newest Epic Skin, will remain in Mallhalla after the event! This most magnificent manifestation of divine will comes complete with animated Weapon Skins, announcer VO, special Signature FX, lock-in animations, and her own roster symbol.

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How to Get Ravens Honor in Brawlhalla
How to Get Ravens Honor in Brawlhalla

Timed Event Missions are back in the 100 Million Brawler Event! Win a matchmade game with a Legend to unlock the new, highly desired purple and black Raven’s Honour Colour Scheme. Win with each Legend to unlock the Universal Colour Scheme, which will be available to all subsequent Legends! Then, achieve 10,000 XP in matchmade games to obtain the new Fenrir GG Emoji Skin, inspired by Fenrir Mordex. The Raven’s Honour Colour Scheme and Fenrir GG Emoji are only accessible for the duration of this three-week event.

How to Get Ravens Honor Color in Brawlhalla

We are grateful to everyone in our community for your continuing support of Brawlhalla. To commemorate hitting 100 million lifetime gamers, we’re conducting a three-week event unlike any other. Enjoy the newest Epic Skin in Mallhalla, a much desired new Colour Scheme: Raven’s Honour, a free Avatar and Title Reward, and all the rest of the celebrations!.

We’re also offering all 58 Legends in the free rotation for the first week exclusively. Can you complete the Raven’s Honour Universal Colour Scheme in a week? Get in line today and let the party begin! Win a matchmade game with a Legend to unlock this Legend’s special purple and black colour scheme.

Win all 58 Legends matchmade games to unlock the Universal Colour Scheme for all future Legends! The Raven’s Honour Colour Scheme can only be obtained by participating in this Timed Event Mission. Earn 10,000 XP by playing matchmade games to unlock this Emoji Skin based on one of the most popular Mordex Skins. The Fenrir GG Emoji Skin can only be obtained by participating in the Timed Event Mission.

Brawlhalla of The Day:

Give your companion a high five and get ready to compete Rayman style! In this spectacular 2v2 Brawlhalla sport, anything goes as you kick, bash, and slice the ball into the opposite team’s goal. The side with the most goals wins! Cowabunga! Prepare yourself for the ultimate Crew Battle game mode!

Gather your squad and channel your inner Turtle Power for a super epic 2v2 match at 200% damage. When you run out of supplies, the next member of your crew spawns in, ready to battle. Make your squad the first to win! Layup! In this improved 2v2 Bomsketball match, grab a bomb and charge the goal! Throw bombs at enemy goals to get points for your squad.

In this heavy hitting KO fest, square up against your opponent! Chew through your opponent’s 5 Stocks with damage increased by 300%! Send your opponent into orbit before they realise what struck them. The first person to 5 KOs wins! Enter the ring with your tag team partner for a no-holds-barred 2v2 match!

Maintain your momentum by bouncing yourself or your opponents off the ropes. For significant damage, stun your enemy with a folding chair or knock them against a table. To win, you must KO each of your opponents three times.

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