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How to Complete Webbatles Fortnite: With the addition of Web Battles, the long-awaited Spider-Verse crossover has finally come in Fortnite.

By completing daily chores, users may receive the Spider-Ham’s Mallet Pickaxe and other cosmetic items for free. Spider-Man crossovers in Fortnite have been some of the most successful partnerships in the game in recent years.

Epic Games has announced another cooperation with Miles Morales ahead of the premiere of the animated film Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse. To start off the cooperation, Epic has launched Web Battles, a new event that demands participants to accomplish a series of activities in order to win free cosmetic gifts like as an emoticon, a spray, and an emote.

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How to Complete Webbatles Fortnite
How to Complete Webbatles Fortnite

You’ll find all of the information you need to sign up for Web Battles, complete daily tasks, and get all of the cosmetic prizes for free right here. Participate in Fortnite Web Battles Quests to get Spiderman-themed goodies such as the Shocked Miles Emoticon and Spider-Ham Mallet Pickaxe. You can find out how to complete Fortnite Web Battles Quests and get Miles Morales Spiderman prizes on this page of IGN’s Fortnite wiki guide.

How to sign up for the Web Battles:

To join up for the Fortnite Web Battles, head to the event’s official website and login in using your Epic Games account. Make sure you use the same account that you use to play the game. To take part in the Web Battles, you must first form a team. Choose between Team 2099 and Team Miles to determine the awards you can obtain. After then, you may proceed with your duties and keep track of your progress. If your progress isn’t automatically updated, you can utilise the “Check My Stats” button.

A new “Battle” goal will be unveiled each day of the Fortnite Web Battles event. The Day 1 Battle, for example, aims to “Eliminate opponents.” Each opponent you defeat during this Daily Battle will earn you and your team one point.

Once you’ve signed into your Epic account on the special event website, whatever Fortnite progress you make in-game will count towards this Battle objective progress! Completing these activities will earn you and your team points.

How to Get Every Fortnite Web Battles Reward:

What if my selected team doesn’t win a single Daily Battle during the Fortnite Web Battles event? Don’t worry, there is another method to obtain all of the Web Battles awards. Earning 40 points across all Daily Battles carried over from day to day will unlock not just the Spider-Ham Mallet Pickaxe and built-in Emote, but any Spiderman Miles Morales goodies you haven’t previously earned.

During the Web Battles (May 18-22), there will be a fresh job to do in Battle Royale or Zero Build mode each day, with points awarded for each mission completed. For example, eliminations are the focus of the first day of the Web Battles. Getting one elimination earns you one point, which is added to the team score you choose when signing up for the tournament.

The challenge is likely to vary every day, however you may stay up to speed on the current day’s assignments by visiting the official Web Battles page. You will receive the emote, pickaxe, and emoticon if you achieve a total of 40 points before the event concludes, regardless of how well your selected team does.

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