Guide to the Construct Factory – Guidance From Ages Past Quest

In Guide to the Construct Factory – Guidance From Ages Past Quest:

Many Sages. Including the somewhat-secret Mineru, the Sage of Spirit. Are required to be located in The Legend of Zelda. Tears of the Kingdom. The “Guidance of Ages Past” task which gives you and directs you to her.

A mask is hidden behind a door after you calm the electrical rain in the earlier stage of the “Find the Fifth Sage” quest. When you interact with the mask. The “Guidance of Ages Past” quest opens up. Directing you to Mineru, the fifth Sage.

Complete: Guide to the Construct Factory

You’ll travel to the Depths after completing the objective to face a boss battle there. The lengthy quest “Guidance of Ages Past.” Which asks you to assist in rebuilding a construct in the Depths, is detailed below.

A laser will fire out whenever you take up the mask. Guiding you towards the island’s interior. Take the mask outdoors via the newly opened door.

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Guide to the Construct Factory - Guidance From Ages Past Quest
Guide to the Construct Factory – Guidance From Ages Past Quest

You’ll probably know what to do by now: add a wing, fans, and a driving stick. Additionally. Secure the mask to the apparatus. Here is how ours appeared.
Jump off the peninsula and fly in the direction of the laser. eliminate the mask from the wing once you’ve landed. Then place it on the base that the laser is pointing at. Once more picking up the mask and moving it to the following pedestal. A cutscene will play. You will be transported to the Depths by a lift that will transform into a pedestal.

Guidance From Ages Past Quest New Item Collection:

As soon as you put on the mask. A laser will shoot out, pointing you in the direction of the island’s innards. Through the newly opened door. Take the mask outside.

By now you should be aware of what to do, which is to add a flap, some fans, and a steering stick. Additionally. Fasten the covering to the tool. Here is how it looked on ours.
Launch yourself off the tip of the island and fly towards the laser. After you’ve landed. Take the mask off the wing, and set it down on the location that the laser is aimed at. A sequence will begin to play after you pick up the mask once more and place it on the next pedestal. Your journey to the Depths will be made possible by a lift that can change into a pedestal.

 Ages Past Quest New Rewards Guidance Guide:

As always with these walkthroughs, while you are free to complete the steps in any order you choose, we advise obtaining the components in the sequence listed below. Run up the skeleton heading to the lightroot in the direction of the north after gliding down from the ruins. Turn on Uisihcoj Lightroot to become significantly more visible in the region right away. To enter this cavern, move northeast from here and divide the Aerocuda, Bokoblins, and Little Frox that are shrouded in darkness.
For placing the right leg in a box, contact with the altar inside. In order to move it up, ultrahand it onto one of the lifts on the other side and turn on the fans.

Ages Past Quest Construct Factory Tutorial:

Use one of the lift’s fans and the hooked box pieces to assemble the compartment using Ultrahand once you have reached the top and can see the long rail.
The leg will rise along the rails once the fan is turned on. From the far end of the room, climb up the ledge. Raise the leg block up the fan lifts once more. To obtain three Zonaite from a chest, ascend the ledge.

The supplies you need to build an aeroplane will be at the top of the ledge. To return the plane to Mineru’s golem mould, attach the controls stick to a wing, fasten the leg box, and place it on the downward rails.

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