PUBG Mobile x Ducati Superbike Collab, Skins, Release Date, and More Details

PUBG Mobile x Ducati Superbike Collab: PUBG Mobile, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, has announced a partnership with Italian motorbike maker Ducati.

The cooperation will add Ducati-themed goods to the game, such as motorcycles, skins, and emotes. The Ducati-inspire motorcycles will be Available for purchase in the game’s shop. They will be Available for purchase using in-game Currency. The motorcycles will be available in a range of Colours and Designs, as well as with unique Features.

PUBG Mobile has received an update, the 2.6 Update. Which was published on May 17. Despite the fact that the updated edition includes a slew of new Features. Publisher Tencent Games has now officially confirmed that the title will also collaborate with motorcycle Manufacturer Ducati.

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pubg mobile x ducati superbike collab
pubg mobile x ducati superbike collab

Tencent Games Announce the news on the popular BR title’s official Instagram and Twitter Accounts a few hours Ago. According to the statement, the Ducati cooperation will be available on PUBG Mobile on May 19, with players from all around the world able to ride “this luxury racing bike to the battlegrounds.”

About Ducati:

Ducati is a motorbike Company base in Italy that was Found in 1926. The brand is well-known for its high-performance Motorbikes and has won multiple racing Championships. Ducati motorbikes are well-known among aficionados for their attractive Appearance and strong Engines.

The PUBG Mobile x Ducati relationship is a significant milestone for both companies. It’s an opportunity for PUBG Mobile to reach a new audience of motorcycle Aficionados. As well as for Ducati to introduce its brand to a new generation of Gamers. The cooperation is certain to be a Success. Gamers of all ages will appreciate it.

PUBG Mobile’s X Ducati motorbike skins:

According to the title’s social media update, gamers using the worldwide 2.6 version should anticipate the Ducati to scream into the game. The event is scheduled to begin on May 19, although the duration of the upcoming partnership is unknown. According to prior partnerships, the new one will also include special events and modes. The event will most likely require players to spend a significant amount of UC (Unknown Cash) in order to obtain the new superbike skins.

While the crimson and black varieties may be classified as Rare skins, the red variant (as shown in the announcement image) may be classified as Legendary. Rare skins will cost less tokens than Legendary skins. According to online leaks from prominent YouTubers, the Ducati cooperation would see the Ducati Panigale V4S superbike make its way to PUBG Mobile. According to the leaks, a pair of uncommon skins will be added to the cooperation event, followed by a Legendary skin for the superbike.

Can PUBG and BGMI play together?

You cannot play with a PUBG mobile app user while using the bgmi app. Because you are a bgmi user and the other player is on the Asia server, you cannot play together. Who is the most dominant PUBG player? Shroud is currently the top player in Pubg.

The PUBG mobile Unban date is scheduled for March 2023. Krafton Inc, the creator of this game who will be producing and distributing it, has yet to make a word on the unban date. According to the officials, this might be revealed in March.

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