Propnight Update 5.5.1 Patch Notes Out Now

Propnight Update 5.5.1: Propnight is a survival horror online multiplayer game created by Fantastic and released by Mytona that features Prop Hunt-style elements. It will be available on Steam in November 2021.

Propnight is a multiplayer physics-based prop search combined with classic horror survival. Propnight is available for free on the Steam network. Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit. CPU: A 64-bit CPU and operating system are required. RAM size: 8 GB. Geforce GTX 960 or AMD equivalent with at least 4 GB VRAM is required for graphics.

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Propnight Update 5.5.1
Propnight Update 5.5.1

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How to play Propnight:

Items are one of the most crucial aspects of Propnight, and they may provide a player a significant advantage over the killer. An item, when used correctly, can speed up propmachine repair, momentarily blind and halt a murderer in their tracks, render a player indestructible, or even totally liberate a player from the Hypnochair.

All players begin each round with a certain item (the sort of item depending on the character picked), and more things can be found and purchased for gold coins. When it comes to running, the human shape is remarkably quick.

When a player is not in prop form, he or she may easily outpace a murderer who is not suffering bloodlust. In prop form, however, a player moves far more slowly. An experienced player may easily evade the killer (as long as they aren’t in bloodlust), round a corner, and become a prop.

Something little is best, of course. A murderer may go right by the player without even noticing. It’s usually a good idea to conceal for a few seconds longer than a player thinks is required. Most new gamers are too impatient to stay in one spot for an extended period of time.

Propnight Update 5.5.1:

Propnight update 5.5.1 is now available for PC (Steam). According to the official Propnight patch notes, the current release includes map optimisation and bug improvements. Aside from that, Propnight patch 5.5.1 adds performance enhancements.

A Propnight update previously included a new killer mechanic, a new survivor mechanic, a new survivor item, unlocked FPS, and much more. Unfortunately, users are still experiencing issues with the game. Propnight patch 5.5.1, released today, will address a handful of these problems.

General fixes:

  • Goldhorn Mine – Normalized the chance of the map appearing during matchmaking
  • Goldhorn Mine – Map optimization and fixes of reported problems
  • Maps – Fixes of reported problems on Camp and Fantasticville maps
  • Other – Adjusted the cheater reporting system

Keep One Person at a Prop machine at all Times:

Typically, three prop machines are crowded close, followed by two prop machines spaced much further apart. Once the prop machines on the outskirts have been repaired, the killer will begin patrolling the prop machines crowded together.

Players should always have a player near a prop machine and rotate to a new player with each prop machine. A player should also begin with the prop machines in the Centre rather than the ones towards the finish. With three close prop machines, a murderer would have a lot easier time patrolling.

One of the most crucial strategies to ensure the safety of all participants is communication among survivors. Communicating isn’t a Prop night­specific technique (it also works in other multiplayer horror games), but it’s a very effective one.

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