How old is Wanwan MLBB Tier List and Guide

How old is Wanwan MLBB: Wanwan has been the dominant force in the Land of Dawn, whether it be through competitive games or professional contests. She has had many of her skills nerfed, yet when used properly, she still ranks among the best marksmen.

The Agile Tiger, who relies on attacking the opposing heroes she encounters’ weaknesses in order to deliver the most damage possible, can also be regarded as one of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s more distinctive heroes.

How old is wanwan MLBB

The heroes you can choose to at least have the possibility of surviving the match are restricted if you’re up against a very skilled Wanwan player.

Wanwan MLBB other superheroes

A marksman who delivers significant damage in the game’s opening five minutes is top on our list. Being as aggressive as you can in the early game can help you shut down Wanwan, who is a fairly weak hero early in the game.

Granger is your best option if you want to bet everything before to level 4. His passive, Caprice, allows him to do a lot of damage. If you can hit her with every bullet from Rhapsody, bonus points are awarded.

Once you’ve established the pace during the planning phase and stopped her from accumulating, you may quickly eliminate her with just a few shots during the mid-late game. You can choose different early-game marksmen as well.

More Powerful Characters Wanwan MLBB

The tank that follows is one that everyone is familiar with but few can successfully deploy in competitive games. Franco is the ideal tank for organizing team clashes and ganks at all times during the game.

However, his ultimate, Bloody Hunt, which immobilizes Wanwan, is what makes him ideal versus her. Needles in Flowers can’t stop suppressing. So she won’t be able to use it. She is one of the game’s most flimsy markspeople, and if Franco’s team’s core or marksmen are around, one ultimate from him frequently results in an automatic kill.

Last but not least, Khufra is a time-tested opponent for Wanwan and other Agile heroes. His extensive repertoire of crowd control skills, which could stop Wanwan in her tracks, is what makes him so powerful.

When facing the Agile Tiger, Bouncing Ball is a fantastic talent. Every time Wanwan uses the Crossbow of Tang, the damage can be decreased by activating the ability, which also prevents Wanwan from dashing. Additionally, you can create defensive equipment to lessen her damage even more.

Wanwan Character Update MLBB:

Frederic “Bennyqt” Gonzales, the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the M4 World Championship grand finals. Discussed why Wanwan is still the most restricted character in the  (MLBB) Professional League after the recent nerfs. It is challenging to combat a hero like Wanwan who has a lot of mobility, and the hero’s second ability makes it nearly impossible to restrict using crowd control (CC) skills, according to ECHO’s star Gold Laner. Bennyqt added that regardless of how many nerfs the hero receives in Mobile Legends, professional teams can still forbid her from competing in competitions.

One of Mobile Legends’ most potent marksman heroes is Wanwan. Due to her great mobility and Purify ability. The hero is frequently banned from competitions. The marksman hero continues to be one of the most outlawed in MLBB events despite ongoing nerfs.

One of the attack choices in the game is called Attack Assist. When engaged, the hero will pursue and fight the closest foe. With heroes like Irithel and Leonard. This option could be cumbersome to use. But Wanwan can use it to dash about the battlefield more easily while assaulting someone. Bennyqt said that MPL teams are so terrified of the hero that she is banned from practically every game.

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