Himari Spark Blue Archive Banner Global and JP

Himari Blue Archive Banner: This is a list of the Blue Archive tiers. It keeps track of how well each character does in all the game’s current game modes.

We have a Blue Archive beginner’s guide that might help you understand the fundamentals of the game before beginning it if you’re interested in further Blue Archive information. For additional free pyroxenes to use, check out our page of Blue Archive coupons.

Every unit that is currently playable in the worldwide version of the game has a broad synopsis like this. Hespathus deserves a lot of praise for devoting so much time and effort into creating the list Himari Blue Archive Banner.

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Himari Blue Archive Banner


a highly potent device. Her EX skill not only has an absurdly low cost, but it also has a large multiplier on each shot and deals AoE damage to targets behind the initial one. She is able to boss and waveclear successfully because of this.

Because her EX skill compels her to leave cover, her sub skill works flawlessly with her EX as well. Her only flaws are that, being a sniper, she has a tendency to kill too many adversaries, and her EX has a lengthy animation.


Hibiki is an extremely effective damage support. She also offers what is essentially a teamwide damage buff for a sub skill and has an EX skill that is reasonably cheap and can easily clear whole opponent waves (albeit one that predicates on you critting first). Her default attack has a respectable AoE, so it frequently hits several enemies. It’s also effective at piercing opposing cover.


The unit Haruna is quite unoriginal. She fires, ducks behind cover, and then fires once again. Her equipment is basic but efficient. Due to characters having to remain stationary to attack, her attack steroid from her sub talent is always active, and her EX skill is a massive nuke that is useful for bossing and wave clearing. A very good character all around.


THE deity character from pvp, who may also be found in pve. Her greatest appeal is the battery effect she offers at the beginning of each encounter, which enables you to spam EX skills more freely and waveclear more quickly.

She will also kill all medium-sized adversaries in a single shot. But there is a cost associated with this. Due to her slow attack speed, she frequently wastes DPS if she hits an adversary with low health, and her EX talent is almost useless outside of boss fights.


Hina has a powerful explosive damage attack. She can easily wave-clear thanks to the enormous range of her EX skill, and she also possesses a number of self-steroids that make her an absolute DPS monster versus single target foes. She may be a monster of an attacker with to the combination of her passive and active abilities, an MG, and her normal skills.

The two main negatives of employing Hina are that she has a propensity to stand out in the open without cover and that her EX skill is quite pricey (7 cost) (like most MG characters). In addition to being unhappy (-10% attack), her mood is also very joyful (+20% attack) in all terrains outside of cities, which is difficult for later plot chapters (Chapter 7 PTSD anyone?).


Tsubaki, ah. If you don’t have the character, keep spinning the gacha until you do. a crucial quality. She is an evasion tank like Yuuka, however unlike Yuuka, she may equip bags on her second slot. She gains +1k defence from the bag at level 4, making her incredibly robust.

Her sub talent provides a deceptive amount of damage reduction given how frequently she must reload, and her normal skill also saves you a lot of SP that you would otherwise spend on keeping her healthy. Her EX skill, which allows you to block lethal boss special attacks, is highly helpful because of its broad range and inexpensive cost. amazing personality.

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