Rekomendasi Accessories 85 – Ragnarok Origin Global

Rekomendasi Accessories 85 – Ragnarok Origin Global:  One of the most popular jobs to perform in Ragnarok Origin is the Assassin Job. But in order to use this type of character effectively, the right Assassin gear is in reuirement.
What are the recommended Assassin gear items if Assassins continue to require to assist in FvP and PvP?

You must be familiar with the Critical Assassin, Fatal Assassin, and Assassin categories of assassins in Ragnarok Origin. However, you can utilise the suggested Assassin gear listed below if you want to employ the twin dagger Ragnarok Origin style.

Rekomendasi Accessories 85 - Ragnarok Origin Global
Rekomendasi Accessories 85 – Ragnarok Origin Global

Rekomendasi Accessories 85 – Ragnarok Origin Global

A two-handed assassin’s power was built on his capacity for rapid and simple attacks. So, just one or two devices are employed. These points include further information.
The major emphasis of updates in Double Poison Assassin Ragnarok Origin is always STR. DEX is the third component in accumulating points, followed by AGI. This character requires attack strength and DEX in order for his talents may be used quickly.


Poisonous goods, like the Venom Knife and Venom Dart, as well as Enchant Poison and Advanced Enchant Poison, may be created by using the abilities in this Assassin equipment suggestion. Additionally, it’s important to optimise your right and left hands.

Additionally, you must level up the skills Reversal, Dual Attack, Double Blade Piercing, Rolls Away, Hiding, Shadows Blade, and stealth. In order to be able to utilise the sword properly, this level is merely Double Attack for abilities that requires increase with time.


As it was explaining above this kind of assassin wields two blades. Next, for more or less other resources like Crit Assassin.

However, you may utilise your current equipment by enhancing and refining it when you don’t have sufficient or enough crystals to purchase them.
HP enhancement cards can be in use to fortify this structure. Scorpion and Smokie cards are also available.

In either case, while employing this Assassin equipment suggestion, please keep an eye out for cards that might improve automatic attacks. The available equipment for assassins is unquestionably affordable as a suggestion for free gamers. For Katar’s Assassin’s Creed, a white gaming knife is more advisable.

The Gift of Moonlight, a licenced level 70 gear set, is the collection of gear that best fits the Assassin’s playstyle. This power may fast recover health and erase debuffs.

Therefore, the gear set was excellent at making up for the Assassin’s drawback of fast death. You can employ any spell or piece of equipment that increases criticality, attack speed, or physical damage.

Simply change the character’s requirements (physical attack, assault speed, or critical). You don’t necessarily need to utilise an app to enhance physical input, just to be clear. As fundamental DPS assaults cannot be in support by physical entry.


Assassins that use dual daggers have the benefit of being able to create DPS. These assassins were capable of dealing significant damage in combat thanks to their quick speed and melee strikes.

When grinding, basic move is a fundamental attack that is frequently in use. The Assassin can do quite a bit of damage quickly if this skill is enhancing everyday.

This Assassin form provides the benefit of DPS as well as the advantage of dispatching adversaries rapidly. The Assassin was able to easily stop several creatures because to this advantage.

The Assassin, however, is a melee type (close combat), therefore grinding in busy locations is not highly in recommendation.

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