How to Easily Pick up And Hold 5 Items of Different Rarity Ranked Quests Fortnite

How to EASILY Pick Up and hold 5 items of different rarity Ranked Quests Fortnite: Challenges appear to be gone with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, at least in the shape they’ve had for a time. Players can now accomplish quests, which function in a similar manner but are slightly different. What you’re supposed to be aware of about them is as follows.
Gamers in Fortnite have been performing challenges to help skill up their battle pass for a while now. Players were assigned specific tasks to complete all around the world as part of these challenges, and in exchange, they received rewards—mostly XP. It turned out to be a key method for gamers to grind up their level and battle pass tiers.

Pick up And Hold 5 Items of Different Rarity Ranked Quests Fortnite
Pick up And Hold 5 Items of Different Rarity Ranked Quests Fortnite

How to EASILY Pick Up Fortnite:

Challenges are no longer present, at least not in the same way as when Season 5 began in Chapter 2. For the opportunity to level up for the game pass, gamers must now accomplish quests. However, how can you finish tasks and what are the needs in reality? You must be aware of the following.

One might be a little perplexed when first starting Fortnite Season 5 as to what tasks are and why they have taken the role of challenges. Although I’m not sure why they replaced this version, you can be sure that they function practically exactly the same as the previous format.

Rarity Ranked Quests Fortnite Found:

You should be able to access quests by pressing the button in the left-hand corner of Fortnite’s main menu. Like in earlier seasons, clicking it will display the map and all of your quests. With quotes next to them, these new “challenges” are rather more narrative-focused.

The rarity of quests is broken down. There are various unusual and frequent quests that vary from player to player, however, everyone appears to have the same two legendary quests. The moment you complete a quest, a new one appears in its place, and this process is expected to continue until you have completed all of the tasks.

EASILY Pick Up and hold 5 items Ranked Quests Fortnite:

All things considered, it appears that quests are an improved version of challenges; the lengthy list of activities has been eliminated, and we now have a more structured experience. We can only hope that Epic sticks with this approach going forward.

You must collect at least one item with each item rarity, from common to legendary, during your matches to complete this challenge!

For this challenge, you need to gather five different rarities. Common, unusual, extremely uncommon, epic, and epic are all included. The hue of their light and icon will reveal which ones they are.

 Fortnite Ranked Quests Tasks:

A single-match limitation is not present for this challenge. As a result, even if you do not complete this task in a single match, your progress won’t be lost. This task can be completed without keeping the Items. Once it has completed the assignment, all you have to do is pick up the item with the required rarity and dump it.

Use of Party Assist is an excellent choice if you would like to make the challenge easy for yourself. To help you both succeed, let your buddy know about the task.

Fortnite Weapon Upgrade:

To assess how potent a weapon is in Fortnite, a rarity system is used. The colour of a weapon can be used to indicate a number of rarities.

It’s a good idea to brush up on weapon rarities in Chapter 2 Season 6 since you’ll need to understand how to label weapons of various rarities in Fortnite when trying to finish a quest. The scarce nature of your weaponry also becomes significantly more important as a result of crafting. Let’s examine each of the Fortnite weapon rarities that are currently accessible.

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