Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Upcoming Banner Leaks

Honkai Star Rail Upcoming Banner Leaks: There are always limited time events and special characters to be found on Honkai Star Rail.

The Honkai Star Rail banner timetable is continuously changing and rotating, making it difficult to keep up of. But we’ve made things simple for you by providing a detailed overview of the current banner as well as the next banners slated to appear in Honkai Star Rail.

These will assist to round out the Honkai Star Rail character roster, which increases with each new month and game update. Everyone should be excited about this! The new Honkai Star Rail Limited banners have been released, and we may now decide who will join our team in the near future.

Honkai Star Rail Upcoming Banner Leaks
Honkai Star Rail Upcoming Banner Leaks

Obtaining your favourite character in gatcha games is an important aspect of how your play style evolves during the game. So you can see why everyone is excited about the previously released character lineup. In Honkai Star Rail, you may pick from a variety of free 4-Star characters to form a wonderful team and continue through the game.

However, if you play for a long period, you will accumulate a large number of Stellar Jades as mission prizes or after levelling up your roster. You may make wishes with these Stellar Jades. There is also a Light Cone weapon Banner that seems to vary its highlighted 5-Star and 4-Star pulls every three weeks.

As well as two permanent Banners with their own distinct character and Light Cone pools. Below, we’ve outlined the upcoming and current Banners in Honkai: Star Rail, as well as a list of all Banners that have run in the game since its 1.0 release.

Honkai Star Rail will be follow by Brilliant Fixation Banner Light Cones:

Brilliant Fixation is a permanent weapon Banner with increased 5-Star and 4-Star weaponry that seems to modify its weapon pool every three weeks, along with the addition of new event character Banners. To Warp on Brilliant Fixation, you must employ Special Warp Passes, such like these character Banners.

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We’re receiving a new 5-Star ‘Before Dawn’ Erudition Path Lightcone, Jing Yuan’s hallmark weapon, for the next Light Cone weapon Banner in Phase 2 of Brilliant Fixation in version 1.0. Even if a Light Cone has an image of a certain character on it, you can use it on anybody to increase their stats.

Only characters on the same route as the Light Cone, however, can benefit from its special qualities. The existing version 1.0 Phase 1 character Banner in Star Rail will expire on Wednesday, May 17th. Check the upper left-hand corner of an event Banner to see how much time a Banner has remaining in your server time.

Banner for Honkai Star Rail’s current character event:

Honkai: Star Rail’s current Banner showcases new character Seele on her Butterfly on Swordtip Banner. Seele is a 5-Star character that uses the Quantum Element to strike and pursues The Hunt route, making her powerful against single-target damage. Seele can also manage multi-target confrontations successfully because to her Talent, which grants her an additional turn.

Regular Star Passes can spent for the permanent Departure Warp Banner. Departure Warp, on the other hand, will no longer be available once you’ve Warped 50 times on it. It’s worth spending your normal Star Rail Passes on the Departure Banner since there’s a 20% discount for a set of ten Warps, so you get ten for the price of eight, and a 5-Star character is assure.

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