Eliminate a Player Before the First Storm Phase Begins Fortnite Ranked Quests

Eliminate a player before the first storm phase begins Fortnite Ranked Quests: In Fortnite, the Storm governs the ebb and flow of battle and rotation.

Everything else must follow suit depending on where the Storm Circle develops. Those who remain beyond the safe zone as it decreases will perish under the grasp of The Storm. However, before The Storm develops, there is a grace period before the contest begins. Epic Games expects players to remove an opponent before the first Storm phase begins during this window. Those that finish the mission will be awarded with 20,000 XP.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is jam-packed with Quests to complete, including one that requires players to withstand storm phases. Here’s a quick overview of how you can finish this challenge. The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass is brimming with new skins to obtain, including Super Styles for the most devoted players.

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Eliminate a player before the first storm phase begins Fortnite Ranked Quests
Eliminate a player before the first storm phase begins Fortnite Ranked Quests

However, grinding through all of the tiers takes a significant amount of time, and fans are always seeking for a quick method to level up. Fortunately, Epic Games publishes a regular supply of challenges to help speed things up, from Weekly Quests to special events like Lantern Fest. One of these events, the Easter-themed Spring Breakout, requires participants to survive storm periods in order to get XP.

Eliminate a player before the first storm phase begins:

Simply defined, a phase occurs when the purple storm closes in on the circle, shrinking the safe region of the game and compelling players to collaborate. When the storm begins to move, a timer will display under the minimap in the upper left corner of the screen; when it reaches zero, you have survived a storm phase. If you’ve been playing Fortnite on a regular basis since its release, you’ve been actively surviving storm phases in every single match, without even knowing what they were named.

Opponents heading towards it:

While it may appear to be paradoxical, players must land near a hot-drop POI to take on this challenge. That stated, they are not required to land at Tilted Towers or Herald’s Sanctum. There are plenty of other spots on the map that will suffice.

For example, if the Battle Bus’ path passes straight over POIs like Fort Jonesy, landing here will also function. The task is simple to complete as long as there are a few opponents to select from. Nonetheless, landing at the POI’s edge is always the best option.

Small shield portions:

The first step once on the ground is to seek for essential supplies. Because combat within POIs generally takes place at close to mid-range, an AR, SMR, or Shotgun would be suitable. It’s also a good idea to stock up on healing supplies. It is not recommended to engage in fight without them.

While this is optional, obtaining a Cow Catcher might be useful for people playing Zero Build mode. They can be used by loopers to absorb bullets and give shelter. Players that can precisely peek-fire will find this utility item beneficial in combat at any distance. You can also use them to temporarily close doorways and create chokepoints.

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