AFL 23 Update 1.12 Patch Notes

AFL 23 Update 1.12: Details on the AFL 23 version 1.12 (version 1.000.012) for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC have been released. The most recent version adds a number of balance modifications and enhancements, stated to the official AFL 23 patch notes. Additionally, common stability issues have been fixed in AFL 23 patch 1.12.

Previously, a significant AFL 23 patch 1.06 introduced new features, corrections, and many enhancements. Unfortunately, there are still flaws and problems that affect players. Some of these issues are intended to be fixed in today’s AFL 23 version 1.12 (patch 1.000.012).

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  • Completion of a balanced Speccy Mark (play on not called)
  • Ability with a balanced Speccy Spoil
  • Enhanced Kick-in Camera Starting Position
  • Rookie selections that are better in Management Mode
  • enhanced removal of retired/injured players from the list in management mode
  • A more effective midseason draught in management mode
  • an increase in online stability
  • while being tackled, balanced kicks
  • Free version 1.12 of AFL 23 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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AFL 23 UPDATE 1.12 Launch Date:

AFL 23 update 1.21 (version 1.000.021) has been made available by Big Ant Studios for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The most recent version includes a number of additions, upgrades, and tweaks, according to the official AFL 23 patch notes. The Spectacular Mark umpire AI has also been improved in the AFL 23 patch 1.21.

Prior to now, a significant AFL 23 update 1.09 gave custom matches access to more venues and ball colour/weather. Unfortunately, flaws and problems still affect players. AFL 23 version 1.21 released today seeks to address some of these issues.

AFL 23 update has been released on all platforms by the developer Big Ant Studios. Many gameplay bugs that existed when the game first launched have been resolved. AFL 23 May 12 patch notes may be found there.
This is only one of the numerous updates that have been issued to enhance the functionality and features of the game. When new game-improving patches are published, we’ll revise this post and others. This June, an Xbox release of the game will be released.

AFL 23 UPDATE 1.12 Earlier Versions Update:

AFL 23 version 1.07 has just been made available for all platforms by the game’s creator, Big Ant Studios. Many playability issues have been resolved since the game’s launch, which included numerous bugs. The AFL 23 May 12 patch notes are listed here.

Official patch notes were published on Big Ant Studios’ official Twitter account. You may read the specifics below. Custom matches and invites were added, and management mode after injury skills was improved.

Improved Stability and UI Clarity for Items in the Academy’s Advanced Editing
The performance and functionality of the game have been enhanced by a number of updates, including this one. When additional game-improving updates are published in the future, we’ll update this article and others. The game will be made available on Xbox in June.

AFL 23 UPDATE 1.12 Patch Notes:

Includes more than 1200 players from the AFL and AFLW, with motion-captured animation, photorealistic likenesses, in-depth talents, and special player attributes provided by Champion Data.

Gameplay constructed on the custom Sports Engine by Big Ant Studios, with gameplans created in collaboration with AFL trainers to have participants react as they might on the pitch.

With full control over player development and drafting, you can utilise the Management Career mode to transform your beloved AFL or AFLW club into a footballing behemoth. Design your own teams, athletes, and stadiums, then publish them online. The legendary Big Ant Studios Academy tools make their debut during an AFL game.

AFL 23 UPDATE 1.12 Character Customize:

Accept no opposition! Take on any opponent, anywhere, by playing online with up to 4 local co-op players with cross-play enabled.
With the exception of a brief Giants push at the beginning of the third term, Collingwood’s victory never seemed in doubt as it earned its eighth victory in a row for the year 2023.

Anthony Hudson, Hamish McLachlan, Daisy Pearce, Daniel Harford, Kelli Underwood, and Jason Bennett are all featured in the commentary.

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