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Nikke Rupee Skin: In Nikke: Goddess of Victory, Rupee makes a reappearance as Santa Claus, ready to grant everyone’s Christmas desires.

She is an SSR Burst Type 1 Electric Defender with an Assault Rifle. Huge defence boosting steroids, and the ability to re-enter Burst Skill Stage 1. Nikke Goddess of Victory is a third-person immersive sci-fi RPG shooting game set in a post-apocalyptic future when mechanical aliens have conquered the Earth’s surface.

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nikke rupee skin
nikke rupee skin

The survivors retreated below and created artificial troops known as Nikkes. The plot revolves on a Commander and his squad of Nikkes who are attempting to regain the surface. Because of its enormous fan base. We decided to create a Nikke tier list to assist you understand each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Nikke Rupee Skin:

“Winter Premium” is her initial talent, and it triggers when the final bullet in her magazine strikes the adversary, enhancing the defence of everyone on your squad. Her second power is “VIP Gift,” which triggers when your teammates use their Burst Skills, granting her the “Shopping” stack, which boosts your team’s defence.

Shopping may be piled up to four times, which increases the rate at which the Burst Gauge fills, allowing you to start another Burst considerably faster. Her Burst Skill is “Shopaholic Date,” which teases all foes while simultaneously healing her HP as she attacks. She will also increase everyone’s reload speed and re-enter Burst Skill Stage 1.

She is, to put it mildly, tanky. She can boost the squad’s defences to heaven, and all of her talents are simple to use, notably her “VIP Gift,” which gives your team adequate survivability while dishing out maximum damage. She is also the first of the NIKKE to re-enter Burst Skill Stage 1 after her Burst, which opens up a plethora of new options for you to explore.

Should You Pull:

In terms of tackiness, she is practically on par with Ludmilla, but while Ludmilla favours offence, Rupee favours the defence. The way her Burst works completely affects the game.

Rupee Winter Shopper is the first limited character in NIKKE. So we’re not sure if she’ll ever appear outside of her featured banner. That is what you should consider while selecting whether or not to pull her.

Since its inception, the Nikke Goddess of Victory game has included the first of Modernia’s kind–a Pilgrim armed with a minigun/light machine gun. Modernia is actually one of the finest characters for all meta of the game, therefore the hoopla around her debut was well worth it. Modernia delivers a mind-blowing performance.

Especially throughout the narrative levels, thanks to her Burst talent. When deployed correctly, the A-tier attackers are second to none. They may do less damage than S-tier attackers, but if deployed correctly. They may achieve the same outcomes. These attackers are ranked just below S-Tier attackers in our Nikke tier ranking.

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