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Nikke Licence to Kill event: An event in the story is “Licence To Kill.” The event stamina, which you will receive for free each day, is 5 units. For one stamina for every entry, you can use event stamina to get through the story stages. You can try again if you start a battle but lose, as well as if you leave the stage.

One-time narrative stages and repeated agricultural stages are the two categories of narrative Event stages.

When completed, one-time stages offer a single prize and are accompanied by a narrative dialogue. After the first clear, these areas cannot be retaken. In the Record Repository, you can hear the dialogue from the story again.

Nikke Licence to kill event
Nikke Licence to Kill event

Repeatable levels can be farmed endlessly and offer rewards for each successful completion.

Nikke Licence to Kill Event Details

You should farm the necessary material. Core dust is recommended to farm at synchro levels 1–120, 121–160, and 161–200. Battle data and core dust are recommended during synchro levels 121–160. Despite the impression that you’ll use up your combat data frequently during these stages (161–200+), you won’t. The user can be enticed to gather battle data in its place. After level 200, battle data becomes essentially useless because the user will never run out of it, even if they tried, and I would still strongly advise farming core dust because it costs 10,000 Core Dust per level above that point.

You can be given an additional prize of 50 event money for completing a stage in an event. This bonus reward’s chance of dropping is 0% at the very least. You must include Bonus Boost Nikke in your narrative event squad if you want to enhance your chances of receiving a bonus drop.

Nikke Licence to kill Update:

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, a well-known anime gacha shooter, recently received a significant update that adds a tonne of brand-new content to the game. Alongside a returning fan favorite, the patch introduces a brand-new character to the game. The players can participate in a few events that are also included in it to receive a variety of thrilling in-game rewards.

You won’t want to miss the update, whether you are a new player to Goddess of Victory: NIKKE or an experienced veteran.

It didn’t take long for NIKKE, which was first made available on November 4, 2022, to become a huge success in the mobile game industry. NIKKE’s captivating character design, intricate plot, and distinctive gaming mechanics all contributed to the game becoming one of the most popular on Android and iOS. The popularity of the game increased when it was subsequently published on PCs in February 2023.

Nikke Character Licence to kill Rewards

SSR D, a new character added to the game in the most recent NIKKE update, was made available to players on April 13. Elysion SMG Attacker D is a particularly skilled boss-killer and is capable of doing significant AoE damage to her foes. Additionally, during boss encounters, she offers all of her teammates protection from being stunned. She also has a burst capability that increases damage inflicted on particular enemy parts. When wanting to expand their roster with a character who excels at knocking down bosses, NIKKE gamers will undoubtedly fall in love with D.

Nikke Licence to Kill event Release Date

Players will possibly run into Alice, a recurring character in the game, in addition to D. The ‘Special Recruit’ menu in the Lobby can be used to hire one of the two characters.

By visiting the ‘Licence To Kill’ event page and clearing stages to receive event items. Players can earn a variety of incentives throughout the promotion. Following that, event items can be utilized to swap different incentives. Like Recruit Vouchers and supplies for skill improvement. In the event shop.

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