White Memory Ending 12 and 18 | GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE

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White Memory Ending 12 and 18 | GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE
White Memory Ending 12 and 18 | GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE


After being cleared, a stage cannot be retaken. At the Record Repository, you may listen to the narration again.

It is possible to farm levels that must be completed repeatedly for prizes. Depending on the level, each recurring stage will award 1H credits, 1H battle data, or 1H core dust for every clear. Waiting until Hard Mode begins to buy event stamina is often advised in order to harvest the higher difficulty levels because Hard Mode unlocks more prizes and event stamina does not replenish when overcapped.

A deer is spotted close in the first scene of the story. Use a standard firearm to shoot it. After that, turn right and look for a mushroom. Taste it first, then eat it. She next notices some flowers. Select the white option before responding “Yes.” Snow White then crashes into a large tree. Since Snow White and the rest of the pilgrims made a pledge to open memory capsule after the battle here, she is familiar with this tree.

Snow White opens her memory box and finds a beautifully folded piece of paper that reads, “I hope we can safeguard the humans.” She tried but was unable. The Memory Capsule is now ours.

White Memory Ending 12 and 18 | GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE

Snow White moves closer to the Meadow. The memory capsule helps her maintain her composure. A voice yells out, “Snow White Freezes! She doesn’t have the guts to meet her after all.” She was even permitted to see her.

Hasn’t done anything really spectacular. Still not ready to see her, Snow White. Snow pauses in white. Road Exit

While exploring the neighbourhood, Snow White and Rapunzel stop at a well-known factory. They walk into a space with draperies drawn. They find pictures of the deceased.

Rapunzel pulls out the picture frame you previously snatched from the flats as you go and begin your own exploration.

white as ice She moves in that area and unlocks the door (dried flowers from apartments are necessary) after smelling a familiar floral scent there.

Snow White and Rapunzel go shopping in the suburbs. After much consideration about where to investigate first, Snow White and Rapunzel decide on the Factory.

They walked inside to examine what had been left behind by the wartime refugees. Snow White chooses to enter by pushing open a locked door, where she finds a tidy selection of supplies and canned goods.

After some searching, Snow White discovers a book under the sofa and chooses to pick it up. They are remind of Red Hood when she was still with them by the dirty magazine.

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