Diablo 4 Your Account is Currently Locked (Code 395002) Fix Now

Diablo 4 Your Account is Currently Locked: If your account is locked when you try to access Diablo 4, you’ve come to the correct spot.

While I would be concerned if my Diablo 4 account was locked, don’t worry; the account lock error is temporary. I’ll go through some tips and techniques for unlocking your Diablo 4 account.

Many gamers have encountered difficulties and malfunctions while participating in the Diablo 4 beta test. One of these is the infamous Diablo 4 account-locked problem, which has plagued the community since the Beta test’s inception. But don’t fear; while the error indicates that your account has been locked, it is not permanent and may be remedied quickly.

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What Is the Account Lock Error and Why Does It Occur?

The most common and main reason of the issue is frequently a Diablo 4 server overload. To put it simply, it Indicates that there are too many people Attempting to log into the game at the same Moment. As a result, the servers are unable to manage the volume of Traffic. Obliged to throw out many of the Gamers.

When you are boot, you will get the account lock error and may be unable to log back in for several hours. A slow internet connection or your PC’s firewall limiting access to the game are two less common causes of the account-locked problem. While they are rarely the cause, it is still important looking over them and evaluating every possibility. The fault itself attempts to appear less intentionally.

It is Make comprise of a pop-up box that says, “Your account is currently lock.” Please wait a few minutes before attempting again. (Code 395002)” While it does prompt you to try again after a few minutes, it seldom, if ever, works. Several players have been experiencing this problem for hours with no end in sight.

How To Solve The Diablo 4 Account Locked Error:

There are several remedies to the Account lock problem that you may try. Depending on what is creating the mistake in the first Place. Because it is difficult to pinpoint the Source of the Error. We recommend that you try all of the options Listed below to see if one of them resolves the Problem for you. This ensures that you have ruled out all probable reasons of the mistake.

If the source of your account locked message is a Diablo 4 server overload, you will have no alternative except to wait it out. Because there isn’t much you can do about the official Diablo 4 servers, try logging back in at a different time. We recommend that you try to play Diablo 4 during off-peak hours. Peak hours are typically from roughly 4 PM to 9 PM, however they can extend until 10 PM in rare situations.

We appreciate how difficult this may be, especially for players who may be busy during peak hours or just unable to play the game at that time for different reasons. However, given that Diablo 4 is currently in its open beta testing phase, it is only normal that it has a number of technical flaws like these.

If you continue to receive the account locked issue while playing outside of peak hours, the problem may be on your end. If this is the case, you should thoroughly investigate all of the remedies listed below.

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